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Your success as an average writer on depends greatly on your vigilance to keep an eye on the job listings.  Although WriterAccess pays a great deal more than, the jobs available for an average writer are very slim.  They can be taken up extremely fast by those who are level 3 and higher.

If you’re serious about becoming a full-time freelance writer, one of the routines you will need to add is keep a constantly look at the work available.  Personally, every time I finish a regular order on TextBroker, I refresh the listings on both sites to see what work is available.  As I can create one article every 30 minutes or less, I can keep an constant vigil on WriterAccess for new listings.

Although the work is scarce on WriterAcess, it’s still worth the time and effort to add the site to your daily routine.  It’s nice to have that extra money pop into your PayPal account once per month.  It can help fill a gas tank or buy dinner out for a night.

The lack of work on WriterAccess isn’t for the lack of interest. has quite a few publishers looking for content.  The problem is most of the average-writer level work is taken up so fast that you don’t see it.  This is why you need to keep a constant vigil of monitoring the workload on the site.

As long as your knowledge of the content is true and your skills as a writer are constantly improving, you can climb the ranks at  It takes hard work and determination to be a writer of any degree and you must not get discouraged.  Start at your own pace and discover if it’s something you want to get into.  If you decide that freelance writing is what you want to do, put forth as much effort into as you can. is still one of my top choices for paying websites.  The GUI is good, the pay is excellent, and it’s nice to snag a job or two when they’re available.  It only takes 30 seconds of your time to check of a new job posting and is worth keeping open in a browser tab.


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