Make more than $5000 for Christmas from One Hour Per Day

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Now, keep in mind this is my current personal average of what I make in a single hour of actually writing for clients. I have been doing this since January 1, 2012. I have completed almost 2,500 orders for various clients since that time and have a few high-priced teams on my list in Textbroker. It is possible you may not make that much, but it’s equally possible that your skills surpass my own. The fact is you need to try before you can pass judgement.

I have dedicated myself to becoming a freelance writer. I work from home and support my family quite nicely. Then again, I love to write about any topic. You don’t have to invest in the same dedication in order to make a few extra dollars to spend on Black Friday at Walmart. A single hour per day can make all of the difference when the Christmas season comes.

Where Do You Go to Make Money Writing?

Personally, my time is spent on I used to divide my time between it and, but my workload became so heavy in Textbroker that I simply don’t have the time to hop from one site to another. However, I’ve also spent time accumulating regular clients and belong to a long list of teams that provide me with enough work to keep busy until the end of time.

For either one of these websites, you don’t need to spend a single dime in order to sign up. The testing process can be grueling at first, but the rewards of being able to make money writing are well worth the effort. Don’t get discouraged if you score low on your application. I was an average writer for almost a year before I became the success I am now. Good luck and I hope you get as much out of freelance writing as I do.

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