Keeping Busy as a Freelance Writer

Keeping Busy as a Freelance Writer During a Pandemic

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With the pandemic of 2020 sweeping the world, many industries are feeling the burn. Many of us are having a hard time keeping busy with freelance writing work. And as difficult as a time as this is, you shouldn’t give up hope.

In reality, there’s plenty you can do to keep yourself busy as a freelance professional. Although you probably won’t make as much money, it’s still vital that you keep yourself going.

Because there is more at stake than money when you really think about what’s going on. And I’m not just talking about your physical health. It’s how your mind processes information that I am talking about today.

Don’t let despair, depression and anxiety guide your decisions.
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6 Ways of Keeping Yourself Busy as a Freelance Writer

Taking a look at some of the content mills, like Textbroker, it appears the workflow is decreasing. But that is to be expected given the current state of the world. Most clients of these platforms are business owners.

If a business is on lockdown in its location, you may find the workload is diminished when it comes to content. However, you can always change your practices and find other ways of keeping yourself busy as a freelance writer.

In fact, here is a list of things I do, myself, that has helped me overcome all kinds of obstacles.

Granted, I’ve never had to live through a pandemic such as this in the past. But these methods did help me succeed when the workflow was low back in 2012 and beyond.

1. Diversify with Many Content Mills

Not every client is going to use the same content mill. Those who use WriterAccess may not use Textbroker, and vice-versa. This means you should diversify the systems you use to connect with those clients.

And I know a lot of freelance writers out there hate content mills because you don’t “make bank.” But would you rather sit at home waiting on a private client without bringing in a single dime?

Besides, content mills can help keep you practiced as a writer. Every word you write benefits you in the long run to become a better freelancer.

2. Keep Promoting Yourself as a Freelance Writer

Even though the workflow is low, there’s nothing wrong with promoting yourself online. You may find a few clients who are unaffected by pandemic shutdowns. After all, some industries are still going strong.

And, promoting yourself now will keep you in the minds of clients when humanity passes through the problems it’s having right now. This could result in immediate work in the future.

My point is that you never know who wants to hire you for a specific job. If they don’t know you exist, they can’t hire you.

3. Do More Blogging

I’m a strong proponent of using blogs as more than just a way to make passive income. In fact, I originally built this website as a way to practice what I learned from editors at Textbroker.

Blogging does a number of things for keeping busy as a freelance writer:

  • Gives you a way to keep your writing skills in check.
  • Acts as a portfolio to show potential clients who are interested in your work.
  • Lets you create an income stream.
  • Gives you a platform to demonstrate your knowledge and skill to reinforce your professional reputation.

In reality, a lot of professionals put so much effort into blogging that their websites have replaced full-time incomes. Now, this can take some time to achieve depending on the amount of effort you put in.

But even if you only make a few bucks per month, blogging is still a great way to pass the time while achieving some of the things I mentioned.

4. Use Paid Blogging Platforms

Even during a world-wide shutdown, people are still reading content on the Internet. In fact, shattered its all-time traffic record in the middle of this pandemic, and there are still two days left in the month.

Systems like Medium, Hub Pages and Vocal Media will pay you for content. Of course, you still have to write something that engages your audience. Still, it’s a way of keeping busy with freelance work while bringing in a bit of money.

These platforms can also benefit you as a professional and help build onto your reputation.

I can’t say for certain that you’ll make a lot of money with these online sources. However, they still work for the same reasons as maintaining your own blog.

5. Put Together an eBook

Yes, every freelance writing professional touts how you should write an eBook. And although I hate being part of trending bandwagons, writing one might not be a bad idea in today’s world.

Putting an eBook together using your knowledge can do wonders for your clout as an expert. Not only does it help keep your fingers moving across a keyboard, but it may also prove lucrative in the long run.

Since there are so many ways to publish an eBook nowadays, it’s almost like everyone I talk to has one. Still, it’s something that will pad a resume while possibly bringing in a bit of cash.

6. Don’t Give Up and Keep Pushing Forward

Perhaps the most important thing to keeping busy as a freelance professional is to not give up hope. Yes, things may look grim at the moment and finding work might be difficult. But, pandemics do not last forever.

Don’t turn to anger and frustration, and keep in mind many of us are in the same boat. Keep pushing forward and adapt your content strategies to match the situation.

How you spend the next three months will affect how you live through the next three years. Lay the foundation today so you’re a stronger person tomorrow.

How Are You Keeping Busy with Freelance Work?

We live in uncertain times. But even though things look bleak, you can still make the best of a terrible situation as a freelance writer. Sometimes this means stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring a new market.

It’s not impossible to keep busy as a freelance writer as long as you think outside of the box. You may just find a platform or method that works far better than what you’re doing now.

You never know unless you take the steps to explore and experience what’s available.

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