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Plans for December and How I Intend to Break Some Records

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Tomorrow is December 1st, and I’m getting ready to break some personal records in terms of writing. I usually get pretty excited in December, especially when it comes to starting my goals for the new year. So, how do I intend to make December my best month yet?

Well, it all starts with making the decision to follow through. Sure, you can say you’re going to have a good month. But without the right mindset to make those things happen, success is far more difficult to manage.

In this case, I’m simply working on breaking my word count records from October as well as setting new highs for the most time-efficient month.

As I’ve said before, though, goals mean nothing without a plan of action to support them.


How I Plan to Break Writing Records in December

With 31 days left in the year, time is ticking. I am within reach of breaking last year’s total word count by several thousand. Considering the terrible first half and the calamities of recent months, I’m actually quite impressed with myself.

I guess that’s a testament to how much effort I put into trying to surpass my own abilities. I’m always working to become a better version of myself regardless if it’s personal or professional.

By working towards these elements, I’m sure I’ll set a few new highs for myself.

Having the Right Frame of Mind

First, you have to be in the right frame of mind. It’s one thing to say you’re going to do X, Y, and Z. But without the mental fortitude to see those things through, it’s doubtful you’ll succeed.

In essence, you need to get yourself excited about the things you’re about to achieve. This includes not talking down to yourself or immediately focusing on failing. Because once you start down that path, you might as well just give up.

The more positively you view yourself and your goals, the more likely you’ll do what it takes to meet them.

It’s All About Time Management

I know not everyone is as busy as I am throughout the day. But even if you only have one book, blog, or YouTube channel, time management is key to success.

It’s too easy to get sucked into Twitter and TikTok without putting effort into reaching your goals.

Personally, I like using Asana to keep track of my day. It helps me remember what I want to do while giving me a clear path for how to manage my time. I know that certain projects take so many minutes to complete. I then use those estimates to plan out my day and follow through with my projects.

Arranging Projects to Meet the Goals

When I finished writing Kingmaker, a large portion of that success was due to the fact that I prioritized it in Asana. This meant that my next book was the first thing I worked on as soon as my client’s work was complete.

To break my writing records for the month, I need to do something similar. This means I’ll arrange the writing projects to take priority over other things, such as videos.

Don’t get me wrong, I should still be able to get some video content up. But throughout December, my books and blogs are going to take priority.

Using the Time Sheet to Monitor Estimates Ever Day

I keep track of everything I do in my writing spreadsheet. Because I am a bit of a dork, my spreadsheet will show me estimates of how much I write during any given week, month, or year.

I use this information to inspire me to push through the times when I get the “I don’t wannas.”

From My Spreadsheet
Actual numbers from my spreadsheet as of Nov 29, 2022

Now, you don’t have to go to such great lengths to average out how much you’ll write in December. But doing a few calculations is quite inspiring when you’re trying to hit a certain number of words, blog posts, or chapters.

Yes, I’ll be working on a new version of the spreadsheet for 2023 so others can check it out.

Don’t Be Afraid of Weekend Work if Necessary

Taking time off is necessary for your mental health. But if I’m short a few thousand words, I’ll crank out some content on a Saturday or Sunday.

Writing doesn’t necessarily feel like a job to me. It’s probably why I am OK with pushing myself as hard as I do. It’s something I truly enjoy, which means I’m fine with spending an hour or two writing a post on a Sunday.

However, there are times when I enjoy not having anything to worry about during the weekend.

Avoid Distractions as Much as Possible

To break my writing records, I’ll need to avoid distractions at all costs. I know I talked about social media a bit earlier, but this is more in reference to taking time off to go shopping, getting coffee, or getting sucked into watching YouTube.

This also means that I need to start telling people “no” when they want to interfere with my day. For the most part, everyone is decent about leaving me to write. But there are days when I wind up taking two or three hours off to do something.

Of course, most of this is my fault. That means I need to tell myself “no” as well.

What Projects Will Help Break My Writing Records?

Unfortunately, a very large portion of my day is spent on client work that entails very little writing. Mostly, I edit, research, organize, and a slew of other things that don’t involve publishing content.

However, there are plenty of other projects that I work on that will provide a decent word count. The Internet is full of platforms you can use right now to start establishing yourself as a writer.

Here are some of the things I’ll be writing in December:

  • Maintaining the Blogs: I have several websites that need content if I want them to succeed. This is where most of my word count comes from.
  • Publishing the Books: After the blogs, I’ll start working on editing my next book and finishing VII. This could easily account for more than 2500 words per day.
  • The Vocal Experiment: I would like to start the next experiment for income using Vocal Media. I plan to write at least three posts per week.
  • YouTube Scripts: If I have any time left over in the day, I’ll work on the YouTube videos. Though, YouTube scripts only account for around 500 words in total. Well, aside from the audiobook, Despair.

As you can see, I have plenty of outlets when it comes to writing. I also wouldn’t mind working on my next story on Inkitt, but I want to get some of these other projects finished and out of the way, first.

Why Does it Matter to Break Personal Records?

Gamification is the process of turning any mundane chore into something that is enjoyable. The idea of this “game” is to keep your mind engaged while progressing to reach a new level or score.

In my case, I keep track of my “score” with words and time efficiency percentages. I know it sounds a bit dorky, but it really does work to keep me focused on being productive while achieving my dreams.

Without trying to break writing records for myself, it would have been quite a while before publishing A Freelancer’s Tale. In fact, I’d probably still be working on finishing up Kingmaker.

This is what works best for me to continue being the success that I am today. Even while working with clients, I’ll gamify the job in some form as it keeps me more productive.

Not to mention that clients love it when you deliver written materials weeks in advance of when they wanted them.

Does this mean that breaking personal records is ideal for anyone? Probably not. Not everyone will get something out of gamification. But when you find something that helps you become more than what you think you are, awesome things happen.

I’m not just talking about making more money from clients. Opportunities start to open up, people start looking at you as a professional more often, and you feel a sense of pride and self-confidence that you might not have had otherwise.

This is why I am always in a constant state of self-improvement. I thrive on becoming the best version of myself, and I do this by keeping track of my growth as a writer.

What Records Will You Break in December?

Out of all of the things I want to accomplish, writing more words in 2022 than I did in 2021 is the ultimate goal. That’s because I am realistic and understand that life happens.

Even if the record is broken by just a single word, it’s still an accomplishment. Especially given the first half of the year.

In the end, none of your dreams and aspirations will come to you without the effort to make them happen. You don’t have to burn yourself out trying, but you still need to take steps to see them through.

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