Best Practices for Writing Nonfiction Content for Clients

Unfortunately, I spend most of my day writing nonfiction material. I say this only because I would much rather be cracking out a new story on Wattpad or working on my novel to publish. However, the bills still need to be paid. At any rate, nonfictional work is what most freelance ghostwriters will be doing for their clients. So, what are some of the best practices you can implement to make sure these clients keep coming back to you?

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Is Passion Required to Be a Successful Writer?

Writing is something that just about anyone can do. However, there are varying levels of success. Not everyone has the capacity to be a full-time ghostwriter or an author of a New York Times best seller. While there is a degree of skill and knowledge that goes into creating content of any kind, you don’t necessarily have to be passionate to be a successful writer. In fact, I know some who view it more like a routine job.

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