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Although you may decide not to push for investing in a career as a freelance writer, you can still write to make a few dollars every week to something for yourself.  Casual freelance writers utilizing sites such as TextBroker and WriterAccess can make enough money to put gas in the car, go on a date, pay for a night out at the bar, or simply save up for Christmas.  And it doesn’t take much to accomplish any of this.

As an average writer, you could write a single article every day.  This would only take 20-30 minutes of your time in order to make $3 to $5 dollars.  Do it every day, and you’ll have between $21 and $35 every week to do with as you please.  If you’re saving money for Christmas, 20 minutes per day could wind up providing a great deal of extra cash when it comes time for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

As millions of websites are developed regularly, people are constantly looking for writers to create content so they don’t have to.  Freelance writing may be one of those career paths that will never run out of work as everyone is trying to make money from the Internet in one form or another.  Finding a locale that will supply you with single article every day is quite easy most of the time.  The only thing you need to worry about is finding the time to write.  However, most of us could find the time if we could get $35 extra per week.

Perhaps you could be bored one day and write several in a single day.  The more you write, the more money you will make.  But if you just want a few extra dollars, it will only take one order per day.  You don’t have to invest a lot of time to become a successful freelance writer.  Investing time is how you become a very lucrative freelance writer.

Maybe you’d like to save enough money to buy a Google Nexus 7.  It would take you less than 5 weeks to do so if you wrote one single order per day.  All you would need to focus on is the commitment to put in 20 minutes or so in order to reach your goal.  However, you could easily buy that tablet in a week if you were a level 4 writer and committed to at least three articles per day.  On average, it could take you around an hour and a half per day in order to buy your tablet in seven days.

There is nothing wrong with being a casual freelance writer.  If you are retired or have another job that pays you well, being a casual writer only puts a few extra dollars in your wallet every week.  If 20 minutes is all the time you have to spare in a day, why not make a few dollars?

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