How Much Content Do You Need?

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When building your own websites, abundant and relevant content is what drives the traffic.  You can’t have one or two pages posted and expect hundreds of visitors to view your website.  Although SEO practices will help your exposure, it’s the content that the whole experience gains from.  Without it, your pages may become buried as there are plenty other websites on the Internet that share your niche who have plenty of pages to read.

How much content you need on your website is dependent on what your focus niche is.  If you are centering your website around computers and technology, know that you have a lot of competition.  However, don’t get discouraged.  Although the competition may be great, it then becomes how well you present your content to visitors.

Your content needs to be 100% unique.  Although that may be difficult at times given the subject matter, you can possibly deliver the message in a way that has never been done before.  It’s possible for you to offer insights that have never been viewed a certain way before giving your content a unique perspective.  Don’t simply copy statistical information, use it to create a unique piece that can give the visitor a new way to view something.

Although you may supply valuable information, don’t be discouraged if the visitor count is low for the beginning of your websites life.  Take this site, for example.  I thought that offering information on how to work from home would gather all kinds of interest.  While the information contained in this site for writing could be valuable to some, it will take time before visitors start flooding in.  All you can really do is provide as much information about your niche as possible as often as you can.  After a while, the momentum will surely pick up.

Out of all the websites we have designed, the ones that have 100 to 200 articles posted on them are the ones that have momentum.  A good rule of thumb for driving visitors is to assume that you will have traffic equal to 10% of your content per day.  This average will fluctuate with the kind of content and niche your website is based on, but it’s a good mind set to have.  If you want 100 visitors per day, you will need 1000 articles based on your niche.

If you were to take an hour or two per day and write three articles relevant to your niche, by the end of the month you’d have 90 pages.  If our assumptions are correct, you’d see around 9 visitors per day the next month.  Now, this isn’t a proven statistic.  This 10% traffic we are assuming is only based on our experiences.  Your experience could be much different.  If you content is rich with facts and is informative, your website could do much better in terms of traffic.

Website marketing will also play a large part in how many visitors you receive.  If you have well written and informative content while creating a social presence for the site, you could increase your traffic.  Using sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more can help boost the interest in your site and help build stability.

When starting a new website, don’t be discouraged by low visitor numbers.  It may take time for the sites presence to be felt on the Internet.  There are literally millions of websites that visitors can choose and all you can do is prepare your site as best you can with informative content.  It could take up to 90 days before your site’s presence is truly seen in the search engines.  Again, this is purely based on how much content you have.  Stay vigilant with developing your pages and they will visit.

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