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Some freelance websites you may come across don’t rely on SEO keyword filled articles.  They want a natural flow of writing to grace the pages that you can potentially sell.  Since it’s all about the content, this is not a wrong answer.  When writing about a given subject, the keywords can develop naturally and give the article a more legible look for people visiting the website.

When developing content for websites, the keyword can be derived from the actual subject matter you are writing about.  As long as your thoughts pertain to that particular subject, a natural flow of keywords can be developed.  While some SEO professionals scoff at the idea, we have proof that this strategy can work for nearly any website.

Keywords Are Still Important
Google’s algorithms are constantly changing in order to provide the most relevant information possible to those who use its search engine.  Things like “keyword stuffing” are becoming obsolete as bots are checking content before and after the specific word to ensure its relevancy.  It doesn’t hurt to be keyword minded, however.

How to Write in a Zen Manner
Developing rich content that is informative doesn’t have to be a chore or require investing in SEO professional services.  All you need to do is think about the subject matter’s keyword while you write and the content will develop on its own.  This also works if you are writing a novel.  Don’t put too much emphasis on what you want your characters to do, but just write and let them discover themselves naturally.

All one needs in order to produce the desired result in an article is length and subject matter.  The more relevant content you have on a page pertaining to your preferred keyword, the better.  However, you don’t want it to seem like you’re rambling.  Each sentence should have a point to declare about the specific subject.  If it doesn’t, it could be viewed as rambling and doesn’t flow well for the reader.

A natural flow of keywords can easily be obtained if your mind is focused on the material.  The content can be pleasing, legible, and primed for search engine optimization without much effort put into it at all.  As long as you can cover the subject material in your desired length, everything can come together in a perfect unison of thought and keyword.

This article is a perfect example of how to write natural content.  Without a strategy or a calculator to count keyword placements, this page is written completely naturally.  Below are statistics if you’re curious.



Words: 421
Top 5 Keywords: keyword, content, subject, natural, flow
Density of Top Keyword: 2%
Searched in Google “seo natural flow” – placed 3rd on the front page: 3/31/2014

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