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As we scour the Internet to bring you the best information we can about working from home as a freelance writer, we come across all kinds of websites.  Some of the more questionable sites are those that require you to pay for access to use their system.  We have heard of a few people being taken in by this practice and thought we should cover it.

If you are looking for legitimate work to do from home of any kind, you should never have to pay someone to use their system.  If someone asks you for money in order to work with their company to make money, they are scamming you.  We have yet to see a legitimate organization offer a job to someone who charges a “setup fee” or “access fee” of some kind.  Some of these websites may have good information on them, but the chances of them being a lucrative opportunity for you are slim to none.

And this doesn’t just go for freelance writing either.  Essentially, any job the pays you to work from home – if it’s legitimate – will never ask you for a single dime.  There will be no shipping costs of materials, account setup fees, or deposits made on your behalf for any reason.

Take and – neither one of them require a fee of any kind.  These are companies that connect the freelance ghostwriter to a client.  They make their money by taxing on a small fee per work order.  They will never ask you for a deposit of some kind as they are legitimate Internet facilities of business.

Now, if you are visiting a website and they are selling you information, that is a different story.  After all, everyone’s time is worth something to someone.  However, these organizations that have collected this information should never promise you that you’ll make money from home by using them.  We’ve paid $20 once to have access to a list of websites that offer to pay people to complete surveys.  After going over every scrap of information on the site, we realized that a majority of these links we paid for we already had by searching Google.

Never trust a company that promises you that you can make thousands of dollars per day working from home if you give them $40.  Testimonials, paychecks, and emails can all be faked to make it look and feel real.  It would take our graphic designer less than five minutes to make it look like he received a check for $25,000 from some random company.

All of the information on this website is absolutely free and we are developing a location where other writers can have access to a legitimate practice that can pay them to work from home.  Sometime down the line, we might do some kind of members only area, but the bulk of our information is free.

In short, never pay a company in order to work for them.  It’s counter-productive.

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