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Is it Possible to Make a Good Living Working From Home?

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In reality, the term, “Good Living” is subjective. What I may think of as “good” may be completely different from what you imagine. With that being said, all I can really do is offer my experiences in working from home and how it impacts my lifestyle. From there, you can make your own judgments.

How to Make a Good Living from Home

No one can guarantee that you’ll make a certain amount of money as a freelancer or owning a business from home. Those who tell you so are simply looking to get your money. The reality of it is that every situation is vastly different.
[adrotate banner=”8″] For instance, a lot of people chime in with how much money you can make by blogging. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that come into play which makes it more difficult for some. For one thing, the niche of your blog and the frequency in which you write content play a role in success.

Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of opportunities out there to make a good living while sitting in your home office. Just be careful not to get sucked into fakes, scams or being suckered in by a con man…or woman.

Understand the Opportunity

Internet ResearchThe first thing you need to do is understand fully what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t simply take the word of an individual who is trying to sell you a product or “secret information.” It’s important that you do some research yourself and find the truth of the matter.

Here are a few things you need to carefully consider:

  • Your Effort
    Any legitimate opportunity is going to take a great deal of effort to become a success. The less you put into it, the less you’ll make. This is true whether you’re a freelance ghostwriter or own an eCommerce site.
  • Real Investments
    Consider your real investments, such as time and equipment. For example, I bought a new, albeit weak, laptop so I can write while on the road. Retail websites will need inventory and shipping supplies. Carefully break down what you’ll absolutely need to get started.
  • Your Schedule
    A lot of people have a misconception that they can have any schedule from home they like. However, you will find that certain time frames are more ideal for growth and profit. You need to construct a good schedule between your work and your lifestyle.
  • Don’t Quite Your Real Job
    Never quit a job that gives you a paycheck versus something you haven’t verified. It could take weeks if not months for an eCommerce site to become profitable. Make sure you can maintain a good living before quitting your job.

Go into the opportunity with a bit of skepticism. Question everything and learn for yourself what you’ll need to do to make a good living from home.

Only Pay for “Real” Products

I came across a scam recently on Facebook where a company was guaranteeing writing jobs at $50k per year. That was quite an attractive offer, so I looked into it. Unfortunately, the company required a small payment to use their services. That set off a red flag for me.

Only pay for things that are “real.” In this, I mean like products you’ll sell online, marketing tools and possible hardware you need to do the job. In reality, I haven’t spent a single dime as a freelance writer…outside of repairing my computer once or twice and buying the laptop that let me work while traveling.

Avoid paying for anything that says it’s a “guarantee.” In reality, it’s not. Here’s an example…I can say that I make over $30k per year as a freelancer, but that doesn’t mean you will. It all depends on motivation, typing, grammar and effort. You might make more or less. Thus, I cannot guarantee you’ll succeed at making $30k.

Play on Your Strength

waking up to workI am a freelance ghostwriter because I love to write. While I am currently working on my ability as a novelist, my strength has always been in front of a keyboard.

My point is that you need to do something you’ll enjoy. If you find that you don’t like writing, move on to something else. The more you dislike a job, the more likely you’ll be less productive.

Too many people get attracted to positive posts and uplifting advertisements. They often get duped into forking over money and quitting their jobs to “make it rich.” This is why it’s important to keep a regular job while deciding which work-at-home opportunity you like most. Don’t sacrifice a regular paycheck for something that doesn’t make enough to support a good living.

While this may take a bit of time, it’s better to find a home-based career that you’ll love rather than force one to work. It’ll make you miserable and it may be more difficult to keep the bills paid.

Keep Professional

ProfessionalismI can’t stress the importance of presenting a professional appearance in any work-at-home job. It’s better to maintain clients and customers rather than hope for new ones to keep the money coming in. Customer satisfaction needs to be a priority.

Think of it this way, we live in a social-media-driven world. A bad experience can sweep across Facebook and Twitter like a wildfire. This will surely hurt your chances of becoming a success and making a good living.

Even a single-person corporation needs to have an excellent persona. Not only will this boost your income, but it will also open doors you never thought were available. For instance, I collect a retainer fee from a prominent web hosting company to write tutorials who found me on LinkedIn. This happened because I am professional and clients love working with me.

Always provide services and goods that are expected. You don’t want to be considered a fraud especially with how fast word-of-mouth travels today.

It’s Possible to Make a Good Living

The bottom line is that it is possible to make a good living from home, as long as you’re willing to work it. Your own effort and capacity to learn the trade will be the strongest elements in whether you succeed or fail. Understand what you’re getting yourself into and try to be the best there is at the job.

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