12/19/2012 – New Writing Site

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Today, I found a few new websites that I am testing out for freelance writing.  The first one is ArticleTeller.com.  I signed up for it and I am at starting level, but I am a little concerned about its legitimacy.  It seems to be real, but it’s lacking a profile area for writers and there was no testing of my abilities.

Apparently, ArticleTeller.com goes by ratings supplied by clients.  There wasn’t very much work available for me as I was ranked “blue” for being new.  Tomorrow, I am going to see about writing an article and find out more about the process.

One thing I did like about the website was the option to submit specific articles that clients can buy directly.  Apparently, I can write any length of article referring to any subject matter I want that clients can buy directly from me.  This way, I can spend all day writing about random items and possibly sell them throughout the day.  It’s an intriguing idea and I hope this pans out.  If it works like they say it does, I will spend my weekends writing all kinds of random content for clients to buy.

I also have a list of a few others that I didn’t get around to checking out today, but I will soon.  One of them looks fairly lucrative to the freelance writer and can’t wait to try it.  However, I just spent four hours writing content for clients and it is 11:22pm.  As I need to get up at six in the morning to get ready to drop kids off at bus stops and go to work, I need some sleep.  I’ve been a bit sick the past few days and have been feeling wiped out.

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