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Getting Inspiration While Using Netvibes

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Netvibes to get a little inspiration about what’s trending for your particular niche? This tool can bring a great deal of information to your browser regarding your preferred search term.

What is Netvibes?

Netvibes is a kind of RSS reader that can pull information you want across many different sources. Instead of merely conducting a Google search for what it is you want to learn more about, the system can grab feeds and other content from a wide berth of areas. Not only does this app grab RSS feeds from any website you tell it to, but it can also scour various social media hubs looking for your criteria.

RSS Feeds
Rich Site Summary, or commonly called Really Simple Syndication, is a way that users can be instantly apprised of new information that is added to many, many sites. Most companies and personal blogs use RSS in order to further increase distribution of news and other content to interested parties. For example, subscribing to nVidia’s RSS feed can keep you informed about new video cards before your favorite computer information site does.

In order to add the RSS feed to your Netvibes account, you simply add the website to your criteria. You then drag the “button” that is created for that site to your dashboard and TaDa! You now can permanently get regular updates from that particular website.

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