12/29/2012 – Constant Content Writing

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Today, I spent a great deal of time investigating Constant-Content.com.  So far, it looks like it could be something of worth to those looking to make money from freelance writing.  However, it is a bit different from the other ones I have been working for.

Using Constant-Content.com, writers are able to submit his or her own works for clients to purchase or lease.  This means that you can write what ever you want as long as it meets the criteria of Constant Content’s editors.  Essentially, you could upload 100 of your own unique articles to be sold.  From what I can tell, you can accept jobs from the writer pool once you have sold at least five of these uploaded articles.

I can see how there could be great attraction to Constant Content.  Writers can create works based on his or her own knowledge without needing to meet certain keyword requirements or special needs.  However, there is no guarantee you will make any money regardless of how many articles are posted.  I submitted two of my own and am going to see what becomes of this.

If this does pan out to be something lucrative, I can see adding Constant Content to my weekly routine of writing.  The money can certainly be better than with the others as you can price your own article values.  However, don’t undercut yourself too much.  Constant Content will take 35% of what ever you make on a submission.

Some of the other writers I have examined on Constant Content have sold hundreds of articles.  Unfortunately, I have no way to tell how long it took these writers to make the money.  For all I know, they could have been signed up with Constant Content for the last three years and sell two articles per month.

I do like the interface to Constant Content, however.  It is easy to find what you’re looking for and uploading the .doc or .txt file is relatively easy to do.  It could be up to a week before my articles are reviewed and ready to be sold, however.  If this is a method to make money writing from home, it could be a slow moving one.  Only time will tell.

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