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Product descriptions vary from eCommerce site to eCommerce site.  While some will want a specific keyword count throughout a 200 word post, others simply want a short 75 to 100 word blurb about the product itself.  Both of these ways are good practices, but the eCommerce software itself will judge how many total words you are allotted.


Every eCommerce solution is different.  When it comes to product descriptions, there could be an entry for a short blurb and the entire 200 to 300 word layout.  PrestaShops has this option as does a few other free solutions for selling online.  As this content will be crawled by search engine bots as well, being thorough with it is key.

How to Structure Product Descriptions
Each line in a product description needs to reflect the product directly.  While sometimes you can add “fluff” to an article to make it more appealing to readers, the product description has to be exact and concise.  When visitors are looking for an item, all they want is the facts…nothing more.  Each sentence should be as detailed as possible to convey to the reader exactly what the item does.

Sometimes you can add a bit of suggestive content within the descriptive sentence that can give ideas of how the item can be used.  As long as the sentence isn’t too over-worded, it can be a method of using a sales pitch.
{source}<blockquote>The Canon MX250 all-in-one printer uses a flatbed scanner.  <i>OR</i><br><font color=”blue”>The Canon MX250 all-in-one printer uses a flatbed scanner perfect for documents and images.</font></blockquote>{/source}

You may want to add a few bits of information within the product description, but don’t over do it.

Client needs are a little more involved, however.  While some of them enjoy the additional “salesy” language, others do not.  You must adhere to the exact wording of the client’s requirements.  When freelance writing on sites such as TextBroker and WriterAccess, clients do not appreciate taking free will of the product description unless it is otherwise stated in the instructions.  It is imperative to your continued success that you adhere to the exact method the client wants the descriptions developed.  You can send messages to the client if something is amiss or clarification is needed, but try to complete the work to the very detail.

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