Using Grammarly to Improve Textbroker Ratings?

That’s right! Grammarly can help you improve your Textbroker rating, and I’m going to tell you how.

By giving you a spellchecker that can spruce up your content.

Did you know that professionals with 45% fewer grammatical errors in profiles are more than twice as likely to receive promotions? That’s how much of an impact it makes for writing well.

One of the biggest things that will hold back a lot of writers on Textbroker is a lack of proper grammar. That, and being too clinical. But, using Grammarly can help you avoid a lot of embarrassing pieces of work you submit to clients.

In fact, I use the Grammarly Chrome extension whether I’m writing for clients on Textbroker, working with private customers, or simply blogging on my own website.

Some of the highlights of using Grammarly include:

  • Autocorrecting while typing.
    Even the best writers will misspell words while typing, and Grammarly can catch most mistakes instantly. This can save you a lot of time during the proofreading process.
  • Punctuation corrections.
    One of the things that held me back in Textbroker was my use of proper punctuation. And Grammarly will help you along by giving you options based on your text.
  • Setting and meeting specific goals.
    The platform will let you set goals for specific types of content. Then, you’ll get a score based on what you’re trying to achieve. You can easily start to curb clinical writing and impress more readers.
  • A plagiarism checker
    Textbroker clients often use plagiarism checking to accept or reject content from writers. Grammarly has a built-in plagiarism checker that will help you avoid those rejections, especially if you do a lot of article recaps.
  • Providing reasons for needed changes.
    One of the things I like most about Grammarly is how the system will tell you why changes are needed. It helps you learn, which improves your overall skill. This means you’ll make fewer mistakes and ultimately become a better writer.

And these are just some of the things that matter most to me as a freelance writer in general.

Grammarly Grammar Checker

The hardest part about using Grammarly is writing the content itself. You still have to create the content to please the client. But, at least you reduce the chance of the client rejecting an order due to grammatical issues.

And this doesn’t mention how fine-tuning your content improves your star rating the Textbroker editors and managers give you. Even if a client hates your work, the editors can still rank it high as long as you’re producing grammatically sound and well-written material.

I can safely say that if I had something like this when I started Textbroker back in 2012, things would have been far easier on me in the long run.

I do need to point out, though, that no system is 100% accurate. However, Grammarly is one of the best around and easily my favorite platform. In fact, I started using Grammarly several years before I added them as an affiliate.

Just make sure you’re putting in the effort to learn as you go and fine-tune your writing skills.

This post was proofread by Grammarly