Blog Submission Sites

When you’re trying to drive traffic, there are many forms of marketing available. In this list, I am putting together sites that may help spread the word of your content for free. After all, not everyone has the financial backing to market their sites.

Blog Submission Could Help Grow Your Traffic

Because I want to get as much exposure as I can, I’ve decided to comprise a list of blog submission sites that are currently active. Now, these are sites that I have found to be worthwhile. Unfortunately, not every blogging site out there is active. In fact, there are some that are malfunctioning or no longer maintained. These are the sites that I use to promote my own material. Hopefully you’ll have a degree of success using these sites as well.

Worthwhile Blogging Sites
PostwavesPostwaves is an intriguing idea. This website lets you submit blog posts while allowing others to vote whether the content is relevant to groups or not. While it’s still in its infancy, I find it to be just as fun to read as it is to use. Just submit your blog post to the right category and other users will vote on the material.
Bloglovin’I wasn’t sure if Bloglovin’ would be a worthwhile site because it seemed to be a bit simplistic. However, my blog has been listed for less than a week and I already have a follower on the site. Unfortunately, it’s having issues accepting my third blog stating that it can’t find the “claim” link they want you to post to verify you’re the owner. I do like how you can invite friends to follow the blog using Facebook and Twitter.
BlogaramaBlogarama has been around for a while. After placing my “reciprocal link” back to their site, my blog has been slowly added as the pages are being indexed. Unfortunately, it will only allow one blog per free account. Still, it’s easy exposure if you want to attract a larger audience.

I will do my best to make sure my Blog Submission list is as accurate as possible. I use a few tools on the site that will let me know when a link is broken. Also, feel free to message me if you have a few websites that you think should be on this list. I will more than likely check them out. While I can’t say that using these platforms will guarantee traffic, they still be worth a look.

Good luck and happy blogging.