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As I was testing out my keywords for the website today, I came across this article written by someone who has had experience with  It seems we have the same viewpoint of how much can be made on the website given the amount of work that is produced.

You can check out Felicia Harper’s contribution to Yahoo by clicking here.

Although she states she is a level 4 writer and only makes $70 to $100 per day writing, I am not sure if she is putting as much effort into writing than I have.  I personally make between $60 to $90 per day as a level 3 and level 4 gets 40% more money than I do.

There was a time that I was a level 4 writer for a few days.  It seems I have troubles with my comma usage.  While I am fixing that aspect of my writing, I can safely say that those four days at level 4 I was making far more than Ms. Harper’s average.  I’m not saying that she isn’t putting in her own effort into writing to make money.

The key to making a decent living off of is by making the clients happy.  If you get yourself a few regular direct order clients, you could easily replace the money from a full-time job.  It does take hard work and perseverance in order to be successful, but that goes without saying in any job you do.

Freelance writers can make quite a bit of money if they spread themselves out.  Although is one of my favorite sites, I also belong to a few others to help keep my day productive in making money.  If there is no work available on any of these sites, I write articles for my own websites – which are starting to see a bit of traffic themselves.

For those looking to become rich from freelance writing, it’ll take a great deal of effort on your behalf.  The $2000 amount that Ms. Harper insinuates as piddly is far more money than many of us are making working at fast food places, Walmart, or any other menial job we have to take in order to keep food in our family’s stomachs.

Keep a strong ethic in your writing and take it seriously.  You never know how far it will take you.

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