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Working from home has been one of the most used and abused methods since the inception of the Internet.  Millions of people love the idea of being to work at home for a variety of reasons.  It’s not that all of these people are lazy, but they could be in situations where being home most of the time is ideal.  Caring for children, caring for elderly parents, living in a rural area with no job opportunities, or they simply want to work on their own terms are the driving forces for a great deal of these people.  With the thirst for working at home so high, why is it so difficult to find legitimate opportunities?


Freelance work from home is not that difficult to come by, if you have specific skills you can offer.  There are a number of websites that connect you to potential clients that will pay you for a variety of tasks.  Writing content for websites can be quite the lucrative opportunity for stay-at-home moms, college students, retirees, and more.  Some may think that they don’t have the necessary language skills in order to make money being a freelance writer.  In actuality, many website owners will pay anyone who can at least structure a sentence with decent grammar.  Have you ever read a post on a website and saw some of the grammatical errors on it?  Then you obviously know more about writing than the person who wrote that post.

No College Required to Freelance

To be a successful freelance writer, you need to have a strong command of the language and grammatical skills.  Although you can obtain many of these skills without a college education, it’s still a great idea to take writing classes if possible.  Researching proper methods on the Internet can get you started and perhaps be all that you need, but there is something to be said about attending a college class in person or online.  If you’re serious about becoming a freelance writer, you would be wise to study as much as possible on how to write well.

The Downside of Freelance Writing

Writing content for others has great advantages.  You can set your own hours, accept the jobs you are interested in, even set up your own pay-per-task.  However, the life of a freelance writer isn’t all roses and candy.  As a freelance writer, you are at the mercy of clients who need content.  If no one needs your specific skills, then there’s no work.  If there’s no work, then there’s no income.  If you put all of your writing eggs into one basket, you could find yourself filling out an application at Walmart.

A way to avoid become destitute is to diversify yourself across several platforms.  For instance, set up an account with, but keep browser tabs open for TextBroker, WriterAccess, and other sites that will pay you to write.  By setting up accounts with several companies that will pay you for your writing skills, you are increasing the chances of having continuous work.  If you are an exceptional writer, there could be so much work available for you right now that you wouldn’t be able to keep up with it.

Blogging Can Fill in the Gaps

If you are a serious freelance writer, starting your own blog can help keep you occupied while creating an additional stream of revenue.  Millions of bloggers write on a daily basis and have methods such as affiliate advertising and Adsense accounts in order to generate money through them.  When the workflow is low while you are writing from home, your personal blog can be an excellent use of your available time – instead of watching Netflix or YouTube as you wait for orders to come in.

Currently, there is a large calling for freelance writers that can work from home.  As the Internet is ever growing, content for various websites is needed and many of these developers would rather spend the money on quality content instead of taking time to write it themselves.  In order to create a well trafficked website, a great deal of relevant content is needed and creating that content can take a great deal of time.

This website is going to be filled with everything I’ve learned since January of 2012 in regards to working as a freelance writer from home.  I have made a great deal of money in this opportunity and I hope I can help you further your career as a freelance writer.

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