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No, pouring water on the content will not make it grown.  Using energy efficient terminology doesn’t make it a resource friendly page, either.  Green content are those pages that have information that isn’t going to change with the passage of time.  Writing in a green fashion means that your content will be relevant regardless of surrounding circumstances.  Sometimes it takes a bit of adjustment to write in this manor depending on the content you are writing.


Time Span
When referring to the passage of time, green content utilizes more of an exact method if possible.
{source}<blockquote>Nearly 20 years ago, tablets were nothing more than monochrome PDA devices.<br>
In the 1990s, tablets were nothing more than monochrome PDA devices.</blockquote>{/source}
It is a good rule of thumb to be confident that your content will be on the Internet forever.  In 2030, the statement of “Nearly 20 years ago” referring to the above example of tablets would be a false statement.

Most of the time, content written about specific information regarding a subject is usually green anyway.  By steering clear of vague descriptors for the subject of the content, you can increase the value of the green content of your site.

Why is Green Content Good?
Green content will be correct at all times.  Regardless of what happens in the world, it will always be accurate.  It’s not based in personal opinions and will always be factually.  Many clients specifically ask for green content because of this reason.

By writing green content, you are ensuring that your pages will be accurate for information no matter what.  Most of the time, this is fairly easy to do as you build informative pieces.  You may already be writing in a green manner without even knowing about it.

A good example of green content is the page you are reading.  No matter the circumstance, this page is green as its information is based on a fact that will never change.

Writing in a green manner also assists in having to make changes later on for the content to make sense.  As in the example above, the page would have to altered in order for the timeline to be accurate.  By being exact in this sense, the content will never have to be modified.

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