01/15/2012 – Making More Money

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Yesterday, I had a lot of work to make up for a client of mine from the weekend.  As my time was taken by my other jobs and family, I couldn’t get any real time in on the computer.  However, I made quite a bit of money for just 3.88 hours of typing.

I averaged $16.86 per hour by the end of last night.  There were still quite a few jobs available from the Team I belong to, not to mention the 1300 level 4 orders that were sitting there.  However, I was pretty tired by the time I was able to finish my client’s orders.

According to my averages and the work that is available, I don’t see why I couldn’t easily make $30,000 per year as a freelance writer.  I guess that may not sound like much money to many of you.  For the rural area I live in, $30,000 per year is quite a bit.  It would be more than enough to pay all of my bills plus have a ton of money left over.

After the past year, I can say that making money from home is a possibility for those who have the patience and enjoy writing about various subjects.  Out of all of the work at home ideas that I’ve come across, this has been by far the most lucrative and rewarding.  I get paid real money every Friday, there is a steady stream of work available to me, and I make more money than I do as tech support for the school district.

So, why haven’t I quite my job at the school district yet?  I suppose it’s because I am the best troubleshooter they’ve got and I feel like I would be abandoning them if I left right now.  Since my employees abandoned me when the computer business went under, I know how it feels.  However, I need to focus on what is better for my family.  If making nearly three times the money is better for my family, I would be neglecting my duties as a father and husband by not taking the opportunity and running with it.  So why can’t I shake this feeling of letting people down at the school district?

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