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Getting Textbroker Direct Orders and Why You Need To

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Textbroker has several ways authors can make money writing. Among these methods, getting direct orders is one of the best for increasing your weekly payout. But what’s the best way to get Textbroker direct orders and why is it vital to success?

In the end, that all depends on you and what goals you have as a freelance writer.

What Textbroker Direct Orders Do for You

Gaining direct clients has three primary functions: increases pay, generates work and boosts your experience. All three of these are paramount to success as a freelance writer.

Whether you plan on sticking with content mills or you want to branch out to get private clients, Textbroker direct orders are a great way to start.

Generating More Work

When you start collecting direct order clients, you’re essentially stealing work from other authors in the open pool. Instead of posting the jobs to the general populace, clients are directly sending work your way.

This means you could stay busy writing while the open pool is completely empty.

I’ve had plenty of moments when I was busy with several direct order clients where I had at least 10 jobs to complete. And at times, this would happen when there would be no work available in the Assignments section of Textbroker.

Because several of these clients were regulars, I had a consistent flow of work for several weeks at a time.

Control of How Much Textbroker Direct Orders are Worth

You have control over how much clients will pay to write content. This is accessible from your profile page as you can change the default amount. Instead of the base rate for your level, you can increase the amount to make more money.

You can set a price for specific clients. This lets you give discounts to your favorites while charging more for orders that take more effort.

Change specific prices by clicking on the client’s ID number. This opens a screen where you can message the client directly and change the specific amount you’ll charge. This affects only the one client and does not alter your default price in the profile.
Specific Rates

However, you want to make sure you’re not overcharging for the work or selling yourself short. You can:

  • Scare away potential clients because you’re charging too much. Come up with a fair price for your ability and time. Some clients will be more than happy to pay a reasonable amount for your ability.
  • Short-change yourself by charging too little. A lot of authors will drop their amounts to extremely low levels just to win the job. This makes the task less valuable and is often not sustainable if you want to make a living.

The bottom line is Textbroker Direct Order clients will easily increase how much you make per week. That is, as long as you have reasonable prices.

Increases Your Experience

Every word you type for a Textbroker direct order client is one that works to improve your abilities. And most clients, whether on Textbroker or not, are willing to pay more for someone who can demonstrate skill and experience.

This is one of the biggest selling points for myself. With more than 5,500 jobs completed on Textbroker alone, I am invited to teams and direct orders on a consistent basis.

Not to mention how my experience on Textbroker is what helped me gain private clients on the side.[template id=”2087″]

What’s the Easiest Way to Get Textbroker Direct Order Clients?

In reality, it’s not overly difficult to attract direct order clients in Textbroker. In many instances, it all depends on how interactive you are and how you appear in search results.

Here are my top three easiest methods to attract these clients. And they have nothing to do with lowering your prices as an author.

1. Email Clients in the System

One way to get direct orders is to show the client you’re interested. When you pick up an order from the open pool, send a greeting and include an ETA of when the job will be done.

If you have any questions about the order, don’t be afraid to ask. It shows the client that you care about his or her content and want to produce the highest quality you possibly can.

When you’re done, send another message stating as such. Some clients won’t notice a job is done until they receive an email from you. They could be busy with other projects, so a friendly reminder is helpful.

Then in a week or two, send a follow-up message making sure the client’s needs are met. State how you’re available if he or she needs further assistance.

Just make sure you don’t get overly annoying. Too many messages in a short amount of time can seem a bit desperate and bothersome.

2. Have a Completed Profile

Having a detailed profile helps clients find you for specific jobs. This is because of how the search system works in Textbroker.

For example if you have experience in something like WordPress, you want to make sure you highlight it in the profile. This lets others know that you have knowledge for that particular skill.

And make sure you routinely update your writing samples. This is because your skills will undoubtedly develop over time and you may change interests.

The writing samples you provide demonstrate your ability as a writer. Which means you want to use the best version of yourself as often as possible. It often plays a role in gaining direct orders.

3. Thank Clients After Rating Your Work

When articles are submitted, clients have the option to leave feedback and a rating of your work. This helps you develop as a writer while giving you a bit of a boost to self-confidence.

Once a client submits a review regarding your work, and it’s excellent, send them a thank you message. Include an offer to do more work for them in the future.

This has led to a few extra orders from specific people as they saw me as professional and grateful.

Get More from Textbroker Direct Orders

Direct orders can easily influence how much you bring in every Friday. Even better, you may come across some clients who want to use your specific style for long-term projects.

It could lead to a constant flow of work for weeks and even months at a time.[template id=”2089″]

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