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When it comes to freelance writing for beginners, I’m a staunch supporter of using Not only is it a very easy system to use, but it’s how I’ve made a lot of money over the years. But there is more to the system than just bringing in a weekly pay.

It’s also a great system to learn the ins and outs of AP Style writing. And this is invaluable from a new writer’s perspective.

Why not get paid for learning how to do your job?


How Writing for Textbroker Works

As an author on the system, you’re essentially a ghostwriter. This is when you create content for a third-party and are paid for what you write. You have no rights to the piece once the client accepts the order.

If you don’t like the idea of someone else profiting from your work, then ghostwriting isn’t for you.

Clients pay you a per-word fee depending on your Star rating. For instance, a 3-Star author will make $0.01 per word from the open pool while a 4-Star will make $0.014.

This doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize this is a difference between a $4.00 article and making $5.60 for the same number of words.

The money is then held in a type of escrow account. Once you reach the $10 threshold for a minimum payment, you can claim the cash before midnight on Thursday. The money is then processed on Friday and available in your Payoneer account.

The trick to making the most money possible while using Textbroker is by keeping yourself active. The more jobs you complete in a day, the more money you make.

Why Should You Consider Using Textbroker?

Now, everyone is going to have their cup of tea, so to speak, when it comes to content mills. However, I acquired a great deal of success using Textbroker over the years.

In fact, it’s where I’ve made the most money outside of private clients. And without the system, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.

Starting Out

When you first sign up with, you need to complete a writing sample test article for the editors to review. This sets the tone and determines your ability score.

They give you a list of the types of content you can write to complete this short test. Once they approve your writing ability and determine your skill level (normally, the average is a 3-Star rating) you have the opportunity to complete five orders before a second review is considered.

It’s kind of like a second interview.

This could be used to increase or decrease your skill level and is used to make sure that their team assigned the correct writing level to you in the first place.

When this second review is complete, you have full reign of all the work that is available for your skill level. You are paid for all five of the test articles, and only the initial sign up article is not.

Job Orders

There are several categories of subjects you can write. These range from animals to travel, and everything in between. It’s not uncommon to spend 20 minutes writing an article about Machu Picchu followed by a 45-minute article about VoIP software.

Articles, blogs, and product descriptions you write when using TextBroker are for other websites. Some clients will use them in emails, flyers, and occasionally newspapers. They paid for the content, so they can do whatever they want to it.

Direct Orders are from clients who like your writing talents and are willing to pay you more rather than offer the job on the open orders list. You can set your direct order amount per client and potentially make far more money.

If the client really likes you, you could wind up making hundreds of dollars from them per month. However, this depends on how much work the client is willing to hand you.

Team Orders are clients who create a team of authors based on certain criteria. These also usually pay more than open orders, and you could excel at the content in these teams.

Usually, team leaders will examine your profile to determine if you are a good fit.

Speaking from experience, I make far more money from being on teams than I do from the open pool.


TextBroker has one of the most busiest open order areas I have seen. If your skills can lift you to 4-Star status, there is often a near-endless stream of work for you. Between the open pool and the myriad of teams, you can easily occupy your time.

However, 3-Star and 2-Star pools can create a bit of competition between yourself and the other writers. And on some days, there isn’t a drop of work to be found for either. Then, there are weeks when it seems the workflow will never end.

At any rate, there is usually enough work for one to pay a few extra bills.

The Pay

Although TextBroker is one of the busiest of freelancer sites, it also has a low pay-per-word rate compared to getting private clients. But, don’t get discouraged. There is a reason why TextBroker is one of my all-time favorite sites.

While the pay-per-word is low, the workflow is very high most of the time and many of the orders are quite easy to complete. The pay is good enough for me to more than double my paycheck as an IT professional for the school district.

I am able to do this because of the various teams I belong to and the direct orders from favorite clients I receive daily.

You need a Payoneer account if you want to get paid from TextBroker. This is done by using the link using Textbroker itself to make the connection. In other words, you cannot use an existing Payoneer account when signing up.


Every couple of months or so, editors will review all of the orders you have written for clients. If the last five are rated at 4-Stars, then that is your level until they review you again.

However, once you hit 4-Stars, it seems they review you every couple of days. You need to be sharp and know what you’re doing if you want to keep your level.

At 4-Stars, you have the opportunity to take a proofreading test. This is the first step to obtaining a 5-Star rating, which pays 5 times more than what level 3 does.

However, the amount of open work for 5-Stars is quite low comparatively. Then again, there are some amazing 5-Star teams using Textbroker where you can make a fair amount of money.

For Me, Using Textbroker Started My Career

As with everything you do, you will get out of freelancing using TextBroker that you put into it. If you are a casual writer and really don’t care about making it a career, then you could easily buy Christmas presents or gas money by writing for the platform.

On the other hand, you could find yourself making enough money to sustain yourself while working from home. In fact, I’ve been a freelancer since 2012 thanks to systems like Textbroker.

Using Textbroker to kickstart my career was perhaps one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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