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What Are Textbroker Teams and Why You Should Care?

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Textbroker has several ways authors can make money from writing. Getting on the right teams can vastly increase your weekly payout. But, money isn’t the only reason why you should look for Textbroker Teams. It can help you in other ways down the road.

In fact, the majority of the money I make on Textbroker comes from some very active clients who put out tons of work each month.

What Are Textbroker Teams?

In short, teams are a collection of authors in Textbroker with the purpose of writing a lot of content in a short amount of time. It’s common to see these with hundreds of authors while clients submit hundreds upon hundreds of orders.

From the client’s perspective, it’s a way to ensure orders are completed in a timely manner.

For authors, it’s a way to keep busy while making more money than picking up orders in the open pool.

How do You Get on Textbroker Teams?

Getting on teams is relatively easy. As long as you are a good fit for the topic of a team, there’s a good chance you’ll get accepted.

Apply Directly

If you go to the “Assignments” tab of Textbroker and click, “TeamOrders,” you’ll see a page with several tabs. On the far right, you’ll see a tab for “Apply for Casting Call Teams.”

Go into this section and click teams you want to join.
Join Textbroker Teams

Each team will have certain requirements. Fill out the form as best you can.
Team Form

Not every team will have a form, though. Sometimes you can just join them by accepting the terms and clicking the “Join” button.

Demonstrate Performance in Textbroker

Another good way to get invited to teams is by demonstrating high performance. This includes:

  • Completing a large number of orders.
  • Having a low rejection rate.
  • Having a quick turnaround time.
  • Being active on the system.

Build a report with Textbroker management. Because I am reliable and easy to work with, a lot of them have me on a shortlist for managed team invites.

Have a Completed Profile

Lastly, having a fully completed profile gets the attention of both clients and Textbroker managers. When they begin searching for authors with certain experience, you want your name to be in that list.

Provide as much detail in your profile as possible. This includes past work history, interests, skills and having updated writing samples.

For instance, if you know WordPress and want to be invited to those types of teams, make sure WordPress is in your profile.[template id=”2087″]

Benefits of Being on Textbroker Teams

Being on a team has a lot of incredible benefits, especially if you want to advance yourself in the system. After the last seven years of being on Textbroker, joining these was one of the smartest things I’ve done.

Higher Paying Jobs

A large number of the teams available have a higher payout rate than the open pool. For example, a level 4 author who makes 1.4 cents per word can get on a team which pays more than 1.7.

As a level 4 author, I was once added to a level 5 team making five cents per word because of my abilities.

Increased Workload

The good teams often have plenty of work available. This is especially true with managed Textbroker teams. When the open pool is empty, you could still have work available.

I’m on a few that put out more than 1,200 jobs every three weeks or so. And this is on top of direct order clients and the open pool.

Many Are Incredibly Easy to Write

Some teams have content that is so easy to write, you could bring in more money than you have in the past.

For example, I am on one team that gives you a single keyword to use in an article. You can then write anything you want as long as it’s relevant to the keyword. I make more money on these articles than any other types of content in Textbroker.

And yes, even though this particular team pays only 1.3 cents per word, the easiness of the task is where it makes a difference. Since I can produce more of these than other orders, I make more money per hour.

Gaining Experience

With each order you complete, you’re advancing yourself as a freelance writer. This is helpful whether you stick to using content mills like Textbroker or decide to get your own private clients.

It’s all about being proficient and handling client requests. And the right team can easily help boost self-confidence and professionalism.

Drawbacks to Teams in Textbroker

Although teams have some glowing benefits to them, the experience isn’t without some kind of downfall. However, some of these are insignificant when considering what you get while being on a team in Textbroker.

Sudden Lack of Work

Sometimes clients will put together a team and then change their mind about adding work. This happens for a variety of reasons, none of which are the fault of authors.

Something else to consider is how some teams are temporary. Perhaps the client merely needed a bunch of authors for a one-time project.

Some are Complicated to Follow

A problem many authors have is trying to decipher the instructions of the client. Some of these can take a lot of time to figure out as orders will have very specific requirements for the content.

The trade-off for this is that most of the time the clients are willing to pay more per word. So even though it might take you longer to complete an order, you’re often well-compensated.

Competing with Team Authors

Perhaps the biggest drawback is competition. You’re not the only one who sees the work that is available. Depending on the number of authors in the team, you could compete against hundreds if not thousands.

This means you have to be fast if you want to make more money on Textbroker teams. The orders could evaporate rather quickly.

My Advice for Textbroker Teams

I’d say about 90% of the work I’ve completed in the last five years alone on Textbroker all center around team orders. This is literally thousands of completed jobs.

My advice to you is:

  • Apply to All You Can
    The more teams you belong to, the more likely you’ll remain busy. Apply to anything that makes sense to you and check the casting calls on a daily basis.
  • Read Instructions Thoroughly
    Spend time going over the instructions of the client. Even if it takes you longer in the beginning, it’s worth the effort if you have to do fewer revisions later on.
  • Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions
    If something doesn’t make sense to you, contact the client or the Textbroker manager. Most will welcome the question as it’s better to do something right the first time then to fix it later.
  • Have a Fast Turnaround
    The key to making money with Textbroker teams is being fast. Pick up and order and complete it as soon as possible. This gives you a chance to pick up more before other authors.

Once you get into a groove, you can make some serious income. Just keep in mind it’s all about being fast and efficient.

Make More Money with Textbroker Teams

This method is but one of three major ways you can increase your Friday payout from Textbroker. And it happens to be my favorite. Explore the casting calls and see what piques your interest. It could result in more money for you tomorrow.

What is your favorite type of content to write in Textbroker? Have you come across some amazing teams in the system? Leave a comment down below…I read them all.[template id=”2089″]

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