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How I Maximize Textbroker to Make Money from Home

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Getting the most from any content mill is ideal when you’re trying to make money as an online writer. However, it often takes more than trying to type fast or learning good grammar. I maximize Textbroker by altering a lot of my lifestyle choices.

And many of these often improve my abilities above and beyond just writing for clients.

10 Ways to Maximize Textbroker from Home

Making money from Textbroker is all about creating efficiency in your life. From improving relations with the client to making sure you’re well-rested, it all contributes to freelance writing success.

So, what do I do to maximize Textbroker and make more money?

1. Get a Good Night’s Rest

A lot of studies show how sleep improves brain function. And as a freelance writer, your brain is the most important organ in your body.

Just like an athlete works on muscle development to play a sport, your brain needs the same kind of care. The first step to this is making sure you get enough rest.

2. Exercise First Thing in the Morning

Exercise has great potential to increase productivity. It’s all about getting the blood flowing and getting ready to work. It’s also why many professionals stick to a morning routine of physical activity.

I know I am far more productive after working up a sweat first thing in the morning. I feel energized and ready to take on the day.

3. Think of Myself as a Professional

Getting psyched for the day is one of the most prominent ways I maximize Textbroker. The more I view myself as a professional, the more I feel like a professional.

This often includes getting dressed appropriately for the day. I’ll go so far as to put on cologne to help keep me in a professional headspace.

4. Have a Great and Efficient Workspace

Efficiency is important when you want to maximize Textbroker. And the first place you should start is your work environment.

For myself, having dual monitors set up on my computer greatly improves my productivity. I can keep research on one screen while writing on another.

Even the chair you sit in can improve the freelance writing experience. Being uncomfortable creates a distraction, which then leads to reduced workflow and productivity.

5. Set Daily Goals

Daily goals are a great way to keep yourself focused. Personally, I strive to reach a certain number of words during my working schedule. As Textbroker clients pay per word, it’s a good method to make sure you bring in enough money for the day.

Of course, you can set any goal you want. Just make sure the goals are obtainable. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure.

6. Stick to a Work Schedule

Create a good work schedule for yourself. I know some people can wing it throughout the day, but sticking to a daily routine has its benefits. For one thing, clients will know when they can get in touch with you.

Sticking to a schedule also helps me avoid distractions. For example, I’ll wait until after 5pm before I watch any new YouTube videos from the people I follow. This is because I write during a schedule from 8am to 5pm.

7. Have a Quick Turnaround for Orders

If you want to really rake in the money from Textbroker, you need to have a quick turnaround. Once you pick up an order, work on it until it’s done.

Don’t get sidetracked.

The more orders you complete, the more money you make. If a client gives you a 24-hour window, complete the order within 30 minutes. Don’t stop until the article is completed and you’ve submitted it to the client.

8. Keep an Open Dialog with Clients

Open communication is key to keeping good clients sending you work. Use a greeting message when picking up an order. When you’re done, send a message thanking the client. Include any comments or concerns you have.

In a couple of weeks, send a follow-up message regarding the order you completed and make sure he or she knows you’re available for future work.

It’s also helpful to send a thank you message if the client gives you an “Excellent” rating from the Textbroker review system.

9. Get Up and Stretch Once in a While

Don’t sit for too long. Get up and stretch a bit throughout the day. It’s not healthy to sit in one spot for hours on end.

In my case, it’s my knee that starts getting stiff if I don’t get up every 90 minutes or so.

Remember, you want to remain as comfortable as possible.

10. Watch for Good Teams

Lastly, keep an eye out for teams in Textbroker. Teams are how I’ve made the most money over the last seven years, and you could miss some really good ones if you’re not paying attention.

In many cases, these teams will keep you supplied with a regular workflow for months, if not years.

For example, I am on three teams that place thousands of articles every couple of weeks. And three of them I have been writing for over three years!

What to Do When There is No Work

There will be days when the workload is pretty dry. Whether it’s because clients don’t publish work or you lack a certain skill set, you may come across a few lulls.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be productive, though. If you want to maximize Textbroker, you need to keep yourself busy.

Here are a few things I do when I find myself without a workload:

  • Research Problem Areas in Writing
    It never hurts to take to Google and research how to fix problem areas in your writing. I spent several months in the beginning fine-tuning my skill as a freelance writer…and it paid off.
  • Practice Writing
    There’s nothing wrong with practicing what you’ve learned. Blog, write for, pre-write articles for or just be creative on your own.
  • Browse the Forums in Textbroker
    Spend some time in the forums. You can meet some amazing authors, get help for specific problems or help others by sharing what you’ve learned.
  • Spruce up Your Profile
    Always keep your profile updated. It’s how clients find you for direct orders and team invites. You want it to be as perfect as possible as part of your quest to maximize Textbroker.

Maximize Textbroker and Make More Money

It takes more than typing skill and grammar to really drive success in Textbroker, or any other content mill. By optimizing your life, you make it far easier to make money from home.

Make a strategy for yourself and get more out of using Textbroker. Even something as simple as sleep could impact how much money you make every week.

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