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Yesterday, I hit the 2,000 mark for jobs completed since starting January 1, 2012 as a freelance writer.  For me, this is quite a milestone as I have created content ranging from animals to technology.  I would have completed this goal sooner, but I have been working on a variety of other projects since I started.  However, I have still made enough money to pay my bills.  How have I maintained my level of success?

As a freelance writer, you can never give up.  It may be a slow start in order to establish yourself as a professional, but the time invested in the process is worth the experience.  Personally, I was only completing five to ten orders per week when I first started.  I was a bit busy back then with other jobs, but I needed extra money for gasoline.  Once I decided to get serious as a writer, things have taken off for me.  I don’t just write for Textbroker.  I have my foot in a variety of different work.

You can’t expect to become an overnight success.  It took me a few months to establish myself and earn the trust of several clients.  Just because you tried it for a week and you didn’t make a lot of money, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sustain an income.  After six months, I was getting enough work to quit my other full-time job – which coincidentally didn’t pay very well for my experience.

If you don’t love to write, then you will not be a success as a freelance writer.  In any given day, I produce approximately 7,000 words worth of content for various clients and personal blogs.  If you consider that many blogs are only 500 – 600 words long, I am creating about 14 posts per day.  This is also while juggling my family, working our eCommerce store and maintaining a new company.  I have quite a bit on my plate.  It takes a level of dedication to keep up the work flow as your clients are depending on you for content, and their time is literally money.

Yes, for some it takes a degree of willpower in order to succeed as a freelance writer working from home.  It’s incredibly easy to get wrapped up in doing other things and neglecting the workload that is piling up from your client.  Distractions such as games, music, videos, children and more can tap your time greater than you may realize.  Before you know it, the day is gone and the work is still waiting for you to write.

What’s Next for Me?

Last year, it took me 12 months to reach 1,000 jobs completed at Textbroker.  This year, I cut that time down to 10 months.  I suppose I can try and beat that record and produce another 1,000 posts inside of eight, but that depends on how much time I have.  Our business is picking up and I have to work both in order for each to be successful.  I need to keep my freelance writing money coming in so I can still pay the bills, but I need to split my time so that the business can pay its bills as well.

It is possible to make a decent amount of money working for Textbroker, as long as you don’t give up too easily.  It can be grueling at times and clients can be ultimately picky.  However, that’s the price you pay for being a professional freelance writer.

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