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Succeeding on takes patience, skill, and a thirst for learning.  As long as you adhere to the guidelines created by the clients and your content is unique, you could make quite a bit of money using  You don’t have to be an English Major in order to produce quality content.  In fact, many clients would prefer that you use simplistic sentence structure in order to pander to the average reader.

You’re Success Depends on Your Effort

As with anything in your life, the more effort you put into freelance writing, the more you’ll get out of it.  Don’t be discouraged if you start out only bringing in a few dollars a week.  It takes time to build momentum and finding your niche within freelance writing.

When I first started with TextBroker, I averaged $56.60 per week.  It was a few extra dollars to help pay for gas and food.  I started getting really serious about freelance writing halfway through September of 2012 and now I average $150.82 and it keeps rising every week.  If I had more time to put into writing, I would be making far more.  In fact, based on averages I should be making a little over $100 per day…but I have other obligations that I need to see through with first.

A Full Profile for Personal Marketing

On TextBroker, you can build a profile that potential clients can look at.  They can search through the available writers and find the ones that fit their criteria for style, interest, location, and other demographic information.  Having your profile completed as close to 100% as possible opens doors for Team and Direct Orders, which usually pays far more than regular Open Orders.

Obtaining Direct Orders to Make More Money

While you can make a few extra dollars writing Open Orders for TextBroker, your real objective is to attract clients to send you Direct Orders.  This means that the client likes your writing enough to pay you what your Direct Order rate is, which is set by you in your profile.  You don’t want to set this amount too high, but you don’t want to short change yourself either.  These Direct Orders are for you alone and no other writer has access to them.

Quality of Work
One of the best ways to attract clients for Direct Orders is to write the Open Orders first.  Many clients will “test the waters” by submitting Open Orders in order to find the perfect writer for his or her content.  All of my Direct Order clients first came from Open Orders as they liked my skills and I follow directions well.  You want to put your best foot forward when writing for clients regardless if the order is open or direct.  You never know when one of them will turn into a daily routine paying you $50 or so per day for a few hours of work.

Give Them What They Want
Follow the directions per order to the best of your ability.  Sometimes you may have to ask questions in order to clarify the instructions.  TextBroker has a built-in messaging system specifically for that.  Don’t be afraid to ask a client to clarify their objectives if they are a bit vague.

Submit Your Orders in a Timely Fashion
Most clients are on time constraints.  Once you accept an order, complete it as soon as possible.  Some clients will allow some breathing room and deadlines could be from one to seven days.  It’s best to get them done immediately for it shows the client you are serious about writing their content.

Be Respectful at All Times
Once in a while, you will come across a client that is just impossible to please.  The best you can do is try to accommodate every request within reason.  Always show the utmost respect for clients and they could keep you writing their content for as long as they need it.

Team Orders for Even More Money

Being invited to Team Orders could put even more money in your pockets for your specific skill-set.  These happen either by clients who are building a team of those who’ve completed Open Orders and they like the writing style of the freelancer, or the client has searched through the profiles of many individual writers to build the best team for the specific task that is needed.  This is why having a full profile is beneficial to your career as a freelance writer on TextBroker.  If you are a level 3 writer but the client likes your style, you could be invited to a team that pays you three times more than what a level 4 writer makes on Open Orders.

There is a lot of money to be made while being a writer on TextBroker.  As long as you’re willing to take criticism and improve your skills, you will constantly be asked to write.  It could take weeks, months, or even a few days to make a name for yourself within the system for greater income.  Write the best and most unique content you can and you can become a success.

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