12/16/2012 – Day of Writing

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Today, I concentrated more on writing for my clients on TextBroker than I did for building up this website.  The articles I was writing today were really easy to produce and I was averaging $22.18 per hour writing them.  Some days you get ones that you can crank out with ease.  Other days it feels like a single article just drags on.

One of the articles I created today involved a series of pictures.  One of my regular clients loves the artwork I create for them and needed a series of images to go with the order.  I enjoy doing the artwork for the articles.  I use Flickr.com in order to apply images for my clients.  As the rules for personal information are fairly strict at TextBroker, I had to set up an account that doesn’t share my personal information.  Luckily, Flickr.com lets you do this so I am able to distribute the images.  I think it would be nice if TextBroker and WriterAccess had an ability to upload the images to the client instead of going the scenic route.

Tomorrow starts another week of work.  I really don’t look forward to it, though.  I would much rather be writing and building websites.  I just wish I could quit without feeling guilty about leaving them without competent IT support.


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