10/19/2015 – Still Writing

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I know I haven’t added much content to the website in the past two years. That’s because I have been incredibly busy. Between writing and trying new things, I haven’t had much time to myself. I am going to start working on that more. It’s just real difficult to keep the tops spinning when people keep adding more tops.

What I’ve Been Doing On TextBroker

Currently, I am just over 100 orders before I hit the 5,000 mark. In fact, I am sitting at 4,848 orders completed as of this entry. I have three rejections so far, and two of them weren’t even my fault. But that’s a story for another time.

Teams and Workload
I currently belong to more than 100 teams, but only a handful of them are active. Which is fine by me, because I can barely keep up with the teams that keep feeding work into the system. They all range in difficulty from extremely quick and easy to more convoluted – but still worth the money. Some of the teams I’m on pay me close to $25 per hour due to the easiness and the high pay-per-word.

My Average Per Day
My averages per day have come down quite a bit since I wrote last. Like I said, I’ve been insanely busy. Between operating a liquor store, getting a real estate company on its feet and working on various websites, I only get 140 minutes per day writing if I’m lucky. It’s all about keeping everything paid. If people would leave me alone, I could easily consistently make between $15 and $20 per hour just writing on TextBroker.

What I Want In the Future
I love writing for TextBroker, but I got to find something that works. Whether it’s getting more time to work on the team orders or expanding my talents to other systems, I need more money. Probably my best bet for today is to figure out how I can manage my day without sacrificing anything. Which is incredibly difficult due to the nature of all the projects I’m working on. In any case, something has got to change for me before I snap.

I’ll try to keep up with this website more often. I think the best time for me to work on this site is probably Mondays. It’s essentially the only day I have off unless I choose to write some more because people keep monopolizing my time. I’d make more money if I just said to hell with everything else and concentrated on writing.

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