Minimum Wage Increase

As the Minimum Wage Increases, Is it Worth Being a Freelancer?

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As talks for raising minimum wage sweep across the country, some are curious as to what this means for freelance professionals. For many, it would no longer be worth the time to stay home and work if you can earn more by flipping burgers or running a cash register. Although you’ll make more at certain jobs, there is still something to be said about the comfort of working from home.

Why You Should Continue to Freelance Over Minimum Wage

While a $15 per hour minimum wage is good money according to many areas, you may still be able to surpass that amount as a freelance professional working from home. If you’re not at least bringing in $100 per day, then you need to focus more on marketing yourself better or putting more effort into gaining clients. At any rate, freelancing is more than just putting money in your pocket. Why should you continue to focus on your development as a freelancer as opposed to finding a job?

  • Greater Potential for Advancement
  • Setting Your Own Hours
  • Reduction of Stress
  • Greater Market for Employment
  • Greater Personal Development and Confidence

Greater Potential for Advancement
As you are essentially your own boss, you have complete control over how successful you want to be. If you’re happy with making small amounts of money, then that is your prerogative. However, you could make a name for yourself by marketing your skills on the Internet. The potential for growth is undeniable and the only thing stopping you is yourself.

Setting Your Own Hours
As a freelancer, you can set your hours however you wish. Although certain times of the day are more ideal for a variety of clients, you can still control what you do throughout your day. You could increase your success while giving yourself time for some of the fun things in life. You’re not tethered to a location during specific times of the day or have to worry about alternating schedules as you would in a regular job for someone else. Your hours are yours. For many, this is far more worth it than an increase in minimum wage.

Reduction of Stress
When you’re a successful freelance professional, you can reduce a variety of stress. Things like daily commute, disgruntled employees, anal bosses and doing a job you hate can all be resolved without you being unemployed. Instead of spending $40 per day in gas, you can sit comfortably in your home working on the next client project. Make a tee time in a couple of hours and enjoy life instead of being under the thumb of a boss that is experiencing a power trip.

Greater Market for Employment
Many employers and clients are realizing the value of hiring freelance workers. Although the jobs may be more expensive upfront, the cost reduction from hiring and maintaining a full time employee is considerably lower. This means you don’t have to focus on finding work in your local community. Personally, I have completed orders from clients based in England, Australia and many European mainland countries. This isn’t included the plethora of work completed for clients based here in the United States.

Greater Personal Development and Confidence
While some employers will offer training courses in-house, a freelancer has far more control over what is available and what he or she wants to learn. Thanks to the capabilities of the Internet, you can literally learn just about anything you want. As a freelance professional, you can also increase your own confidence by providing work that is appreciated by many different people. As long as you look at yourself as a professional, so will others.

Don’t get me wrong, the money is good if you need the benefit of a minimum wage increase to $15 per hour for your family expenses. However, you could have potential to surpass that amount as a freelance professional. Your own effort to provide expertise in your skills to paying clients will dictate how much money you’ll make from home. Weigh your options and view yourself in a realistic light. Will it be worth your time to continue as a freelancer versus getting a job flipping burgers for $15 per hour?

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