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WriterSanctuary Hit 1000 Subscribers on YouTube…Now What?

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On February 22, 2021, WriterSanctuary’s YouTube channel finally hit 1000 subscribers. This is quite the milestone to reach, especially since I wasn’t really planning on making much out of the channel in the beginning. So, what does this mean for WriterSanctuary?

To be perfectly honest, I’m not really sure. Although the subscriber count is kind of a cool number to reach, it doesn’t really have a solid impact on what I already had planned for video content.

I still focus on helping viewers and doing what I can to offer clarity and insights into various forms of writing.

Besides, I’m still just a bit over halfway to actually get included in the YouTube Partnership Program. I simply don’t have the 4,000 hours watch time within a 12-month period.

What Do I Have Planned After Hitting 1000 Subscribers?

In reality, the only thing I have planned for reaching 1000 subscribers is simply the giveaway. I’ll be setting that up this week and run it throughout the month of March.

The thing is, I’ve always planned on doing what I can to improve and engage my audience. So, although 1k subs is awesome, it’s not anything that will ultimately affect what I create in the long run.

More Creative Works Ahead

Part of WriterSanctuary has always been the prospect of publishing books and creative writing. I’ve just never had a chance to really sink my teeth into the subject until now.

Well, I could have in the past. But, I really wasn’t taking myself all that seriously.

Nowadays, I have several creative writing videos in the works, the first of which will come out Saturday, February 27th. Depending on how that style of video performs, it may be a regular addition to the freelance writing videos I’ll still make.

And yes, there will be some ASMR videos coming in the near future as well. Because…why not?

Self-Publishing Blog Posts and Videos Soon

If you don’t know, I’ve been working pretty steadily on getting my first real eBook set up and ready for self-publishing. This means I’ll have more blog posts and video content related to how to do it and ways you can market your book.

The goal is to have the eBook ready for publishing by the end of March. Though, with as much work as I’ve been putting into it, it’ll probably be ready much sooner.

These will be a series of videos walking viewers through every step I take while using the KDP system. Not only am I excited to make these videos and blog posts, but I’m exceptionally curious to see if I can make any money from the experience.

Though, I don’t have a lot of high hopes. After all, it’s essentially an autobiography of how I went from writing for Textbroker to where I am today.

More Reviews and First Looks

First Looks

Reviews and First Looks tend to do fairly well on YouTube. In 2021, I plan on doing quite a few more of these. Not only do my viewers request more content about certain platforms, but I also wouldn’t mind finding a few new tools I can use myself.

In fact, I have a First Look planned for later this week. And if I like the platform, it’ll probably turn into a full-blown review as soon as I have more time with the system.

Something else I want to dive into is ways you can maximize using AdSense. And I have a few platforms lined up for that for upcoming posts and videos.

YouTube Shorts

Yes, I’m jumping on the YouTube Shorts bandwagon. From a writer’s perspective, I think I’m going to do quick tips for everything I cover.

Depending on how well these types of videos perform, I may even create miniature versions of the creative pieces I plan on putting out as well.

What do you think? A quick, 60-second ASMR video reading the ingredients from a snack tray?

At any rate, I am scheduling more of the quick videos to come out within the next week or two. As I still have a lot of things to manage, I still have to make sure everything else is taken care of.

Does Getting 1000 Subscribers Really Make that Much of a Difference?

1000 Subs

In the grand scheme of things, 1000 subscribers is merely a milestone. It’s definitely something to be proud of but doesn’t overly affect how I create content.

Perhaps the most vital metric for me is trying to figure out how to boost engagement. At 1k subs, my videos don’t receive much more than 20 to 30 views in the first week.

Well, at least for the content I focus on creating. Some of the more random videos get far more views but also far more hate.

What I’ll do is experiment with different kinds of content to see what works best for my particular audience. Because every channel is different, and what works well for one creator may not be as effective for another.

In the end, it all really depends on whether you’re making content people truly want to watch.

What Can I Do to Continue Growing the YouTube Channel?

Every creator will grow at his or her own pace. This completely depends on the target audience, how the YouTuber delivers content, and the underlying purpose of the channel.

From a freelance writer’s perspective, it’s a bit more difficult than, say, an entertaining gamer.

To continue growing and reach the next 1000 subscribers, I will work towards:

Doubling-Down On Effective Content

Doubling Down

Doubling-down on specific types of content often leads to quick growth in subscribers. Though, like I said, it really depends on the audience of whom you’re aiming.

In my case, my top 5 videos in the last 30 days include:

  • Understanding the Textbroker Writing Sample Requirements, +10 subs
  • My Process for Writing on Textbroker, +7 subs
  • First Look, Kinda: How Well Does Vocal Media Work?, +5 subs
  • Buy Me a Coffee: Is it Worth Setting Up for the Blog?, +4 subs
  • 11 Textbroker Writing Sample Tips for Structuring Content, +4 subs

As you can see, I get more subscribers from the Textbroker content. The problem is that “Textbroker” is such a narrow niche that it doesn’t get a lot of views per month.

When you niche down too far, sure you’ll be the place to go for that specific content, but it also means your growth will be slow in the making.

And the content that is more generalized has a slew of competition.

However, it seems I do OK in comparison when doing videos about monetizing writing in various ways, such as Vocal.media or AdSense.

Exploring Facets of the Niche

So, freelance writing is pretty general. And there’s a lot of different ways the content can be made. But, WriterSanctuary is more about “writing” in all of its forms.

In fact, I have two upcoming projects that differ from anything I’ve created in the past. I am going to detail my experiences with self-publishing as well as doing more creative works on the channel.

Will these perform well for the 1000 subscribers I have now? That’s difficult to say. I’m fairly sure I might lose a few simply because I’m not covering “Textbroker” content as much.

Though, I have a feeling the self-publishing content will probably do fairly well, overall.

My point is that you won’t know what works for your channel if you don’t try variations of your niche.

Continue Being Consistent

Consistency is key, whether you’re creating YouTube videos or publishing blog posts. The more active your site or channel is, the happier you make Google and YouTube.

In fact, both systems will prioritize creators who are consistently uploading. This is partly why I believe in creating a specific schedule for publishing content.

At any rate, people can’t watch the videos if you don’t hit the publish button.

Focus On Why I Have the Channel to Begin With

One of the reasons I’ve kept the YouTube channel going is because of how much the videos have helped people. Sure, it’s only a handful of those who regularly watch. But, it’s those people who say, “Thank you for this” that drive me to keep going.

Becoming part of the YouTube Partnership Program would be nice, but it’s being able to help someone that really gives me purpose.

And soon, perhaps I’ll wind up entertaining a few with my Storytime videos.

How Long Will the Next 1000 Subscribers Take?

As I’ve said before, every creator will have a unique experience with YouTube. Some may grow at an incredible rate while others will take two and a half years to reach 1000 subscribers.

All you can really do is keep producing the best content you can and find what really drives your audience to sub. It may take a bit of trial and error, but it will ultimately lead to a channel of which you can be proud.

Here’s to the next 1000 subscribers and the future of WriterSanctuary’s channel!

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