A Nice Christmas Present for WriterSanctuary

A Nice Christmas Present for WriterSanctuary

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Here it is, Christmas Day in 2020. And as horrible as this year has been for many, at least it’s ending on a high note for some of us. I wanted to say, “Merry Christmas” and share a few things that were a pleasant surprise this season.

Don’t worry; I’m not working on Christmas Day.

Well, not too much, anyway. I have no doubt that I’ll be working on some other projects, but this blog post was written yesterday. Besides, I feel incredibly weird if I take time off.

And I wanted to make sure the Google algorithm is satisfied with my publishing schedule.

Sharing the Christmas Cheer

When it comes to the holiday season, I am one of the more cheerful and giddy folk. I love everything from Halloween throughout New Year’s Day. This is especially true for Christmas.

In fact, the only thing I haven’t decorated in lights and tinsel are my blogs. Which will probably change in 2021.

So, what kind of Christmas gifts did WriterSanctuary get thus far?

The Best Year Ever!

Best Year Ever

First off, even if no one visits the website for the rest of 2020, WriterSanctuary has shattered its visitor record. In 2019, this blog had 16,137 page views. So far in 2020, it reached 39,830.

A big part of that is because I decided to throw more effort into marketing the blog and pushing out more content.

I came to the decision a few weeks ago that my sites are an extension of my professionalism. And I should be doing things for myself that I do for my clients.

Possibly, the Best Month Ever

The year isn’t the only record WriterSanctuary is going to break for Christmas. It’s just over 500 page views from breaking a monthly record as well.

If the blog only gets 72 visits per day for the rest of 2020, it’ll surpass its previous monthly high of 4,052.

To put it into perspective, right now, the average visitor count per day is around the 140 mark.

Almost to 1000 Subscribers on YouTube

I haven’t been the most regular or reliable YouTube creator. Most of this is because of how busy I am throughout the day…especially lately.

However, I am in the 900s now for subscribers. And this is quite exciting.

I still don’t have the watch time to be included in the YouTube Partnership Program, but I’m still planning on something fun for hitting 1,000.

More Interest in Collaborations

The past couple of weeks have brought all kinds of collaborations from various creators and brands. In fact, I’m working on a couple that are kind of a big deal for me…and for you, as well.

And this is one of the greater Christmas presents of all, at least for myself. It’s because I still have a few minor doubts about my abilities. And getting the attention of others because of who I am and what I create makes me realize that I must know a bit about what I’m talking about.

It’s a self-esteem boost that helps drive ambition, motivation, and effort.

I don’t want to jinx it, so I’ll just leave it at this…2021 is going to be massive for WriterSanctuary.

Maintaining a Stable Flow of Content

Flow of Content

Since July of 2020, I’ve been working on maintaining an even flow of content: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. And although I’ve had a few hiccups, December will be the first month that the schedule was fully maintained.

The effort I’ve put into keeping the flow has undoubtedly affected the success of the site over the past year. But, I’m especially proud that I finally accomplished one of my goals.

In fact, I am just one article away from maintaining the schedule, which I’ll be working on later today or perhaps this weekend.

Most Productive Year Since 2016!

It’s probably obvious that more traffic translates to more productivity. But if I was to take the rest of the year off, I would already have more hours put into being productive on the blog since 2016.

In other words, I met my production goal for 2020 a month and a half in advance! Not only for work hours, but in published articles as well.

What that means is 2021 has a higher bar to reach. This is good, though. Success in anything centers around self-improvement. And this Christmas, I’ve demonstrated to myself that I am capable of doing more.

Though, with the plans I have set in motion, 2021 is easily going to shatter the productivity goal. I might have to set my sights higher. As it stands, I should have 156 posts published this next year.

In 2020, I will have published 123.

GreenGeeks Shared Hosting

It’s Thanks to People Like Yourself

If it wasn’t for my audience, I wouldn’t keep pushing like I do. You are the ones who inspire me to become more than I was in terms of a creator.

Every blog read, every YouTube video view, every comment pushes me a bit further to deliver what I can to help anyone interested in freelancing writing, blogging, WordPress, or content mills like Textbroker.

Without my audience, the blog and YouTube channel wouldn’t be developing as well as they are.

And I highly doubt that I would have collaborations, sponsored posts, or my supporters on Buy Me a Coffee.

Thank you to everyone who has given me this very special Christmas present. From an emotional and mental standpoint, you’ll never really know just how much all of this means to me.

What Does This Mean for 2021?

Because of the continued success of WriterSanctuary, I have a lot of fun things planned for 2021. I’m looking at more giveaways, more experiments, social interactions, live streams, and much more.

And yes, I’ve finally made the decision to set up Instagram and Pinterest accounts for WriterSanctuary. 

There’s even an eBook or two in the works.

Overall, I plan on doing so much more with all of my blogs in 2021. And these aren’t the, “I’ll plan it, then forget about it” type of things.

My only real regret is that it took five years before making the decision to take myself as seriously as I do clients. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

Again, I want to thank everyone who’s read a blog post or watched a video. The culmination of the community has given me a great Christmas present this year.

And it’s done more for me than you’ll ever possibly know. 

Be safe and take care of yourselves. 


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