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Make $100 Per Day with AdSense: Is It Possible?

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Is it possible to make $100 per day using nothing more than AdSense on your website? That depends on a variety of factors, some of which are not even in your control. However, there are several things you can do that will vastly improve your chances.

Unfortunately, too many people assume they can start a blog and start raking in the money. This is an extremely rare occurrence, and you shouldn’t expect your first payout from Google any time in the near future.[adrotate banner=”8″]

How Do Professional Bloggers Make Money?

In most cases, professional bloggers who pull in enough to support themselves with a full-time income don’t focus purely on AdSense. Most will utilize a variety of things like affiliates, selling ad space directly, brand endorsements and more.

A lot of them will incorporate eCommerce and sell goods from their websites.

But to make $100 per day with nothing more than AdSense…well, it takes an incredible amount of work.

How Much Traffic Would You Need to Make $100 per Day?

For starters, the amount of traffic you need to generate a good amount of revenue is influenced by a few factors. They include things like:

  • Website niche. What your website is about will affect the types of ads served through AdSense as well as the quality of traffic you get.
  • Target audience. The audiences for certain types of content are not always looking to click ads.
  • Overall quality of your content. The way you write and the information you provide will influence the kind of people who visit as well as whether they return.
  • Total marketing effort. How often do you spread the word that your website exists?

For example, let’s take my two biggest blogs right now. One is a gaming website and the other is focused more on health and fitness.

The health and fitness blog will generate about $3.44 per 1000 visitors. This is called the, “RPM.” If I want this blog to make $100 per day, I would need about 29,070 visitors.

Now let’s take the gaming website. It has an RPM of $1.66. For this blog to make $100 per day, 60,241 visitors would have to show up in a 24-hour period.

As you can see, there is a massive difference between the two industries when it comes to AdSense revenue.

Some could argue that gamers are more likely to use ad-blocking software…which would drop the value of the site tremendously. According to my reports, the audience for the gaming site is far less-likely to click an advertisement as well.

Unfortunately, there are simply too many variables to pinpoint exactly why these two differences are apparent.

It could be as simple as the gaming blog is much younger. After all, I’ve only been running it for a couple of months now.[template id=”2087″]

How Soon Could You Expect to Make $100 per Day?

No one can guarantee a time-frame for making a certain amount of money in AdSense. Those who do are simply looking for you to visit their website or buy an eBook.

The reality is each situation is different. With stellar content, awesome marketing and a strong target audience, you have potential to make $100 per day in a short amount of time. But like I said, this is a rare occurrence.

Everything has to be perfect to become an instant success with AdSense.

Think of this: every day, more websites are created for the sole purposes of making money. Many of them are going to be in direct competition with each other as well as yourself. In situations like this, it’s usually the more established website that wins out.

That is, unless it has terrible content no one likes to read.

Let me put it another way. I have yet to even come close to $100 per month let alone a single day from AdSense. I am paid very well from my clients, whose content soars through social media and surpasses their competition…so I know I am able to write quality content.

Unfortunately, my own websites barely make enough to pay for themselves at the moment. This means the blogs pay for unlimited hosting from Hostgator and their own domain names through GoDaddy.

Essentially, I spend close to $200 per year to keep the sites up and running. It wasn’t until a few months ago that my sites started surpassing this amount per year.

Is it a Lost Cause to Strive to Make $100 per Day in AdSense?

While it has been a slow climb for myself, every month is a record breaker. Each month has brought in more money than the one before. While in most cases this is in mere cents, the growth has been steady.

For example, the amount I make per day now is far more than what the sites were making this time last year.

So I wouldn’t say that it’s a lost cause to use AdSense. Just don’t expect to make $100 per day from the moment you start. It could take months if not years to bring in enough money to quit your day job.

What Can You Do to Boost Daily Income from a Blog?

Like the adage goes, “Never put all of your eggs in one basket.” AdSense is one of the easiest systems to use, but you shouldn’t focus purely on Google for bringing in the cash.

If you want to make $100 per day sooner than later, try to incorporate more ways to engage your audience.

For example, you can always:

  • Use affiliate banners and links for sales. Systems like are great for bringing in a bit of extra cash.
  • Sell your own products from the site. If you don’t want to hold inventory for eCommerce, you can always use drop shipping platforms like Teespring. A lot of bloggers, YouTubers and Twitch streamers use Teespring to sell branded shirts and such.
  • Offer a paid subscription to private content on the site. If you offer premium information, you may pull in a few interested parties to pay for access.

In reality, there are hundreds of ways to generate income from your blog. Most of the time, it just takes a bit of imagination to leverage what you know.

Don’t Assume Instant Riches

It’s not impossible to make $100 per day using AdSense. But it will take a lot of work, focus and quality information. It’s all about the traffic and whether visitors find value in your content.

Keep your options open and diversify the way the website makes money.[template id=”2089″]

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