Current Giveaway

Current Giveaways

I’m a big fan of giving back to a community that supports what I do in the form of giveaways. I often think of ways I can show my appreciation, especially since the greatest amount of income from the site and YouTube channel comes from donations.

These events are just a way to give back to a community that gives so much to me. I value each and every one of you and hope to keep providing the best quality content I can.

What Giveaways Am I Doing This Time?

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Why Do I Do Giveaways?

A lot of creators will perform giveaways as a way to drum up traffic and subscriptions. While this is good and all, I view things a bit backwards according to popular trends.

Personally, I would rather have engagement from a community than a huge following looking for handouts. And since I don’t advertise when I’m going to do giveaways, it’s the ones who find value in my content who wind up winning.

Don’t get me wrong, the marketing aspect of giveaways is great. But I don’t want people following or subscribing just because they want some free goodies.

What Do I Give Away?

Well, since this is WriterSanctuary, most things I’ll give away center around writing. This includes things related to:

  • Books
  • Blogging
  • Publishing
  • Writing tools
  • Coffee or Tea; because that’s what keeps me driven
  • And anything else related to this website or the content I create

Depending on how successful this site and its YouTube channel becomes, there may be far more giveaways in the near future.

Keep Supporting the Blog and YouTube Channel

Although donations are very appreciated, they’re not necessary. You can show support simply by reading the blog or watching the YouTube videos. As I said before, I’m in it for the engagement.

So, thank you all who have helped me get this far. And I promise I am still moving forward to bring you the best I can.