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1000 YouTube Subscribers Giveaway Live NOW!

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I finally had time to get the plugin installed to run the 1000 subscribers giveaway for the YouTube channel. This time, I’m trying a different tool and hope that it isn’t a waste of $40. And if it works out this time around, I might just give away more stuff throughout the year.

It also gives me a few ideas for marketing the other websites, so, it might be a viable use of money.

At any rate, you can submit your entry for the current giveaway at any time.

Why Am I Doing a 1000 Subscribers Giveaway?

I am a philanthropist. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of having the money to pay my bills and buy a few fun things every month. But, I’ve always worked to support those who support me as a business owner or a professional.

With that being said, here are some of the reasons why I am doing a 1000-subscriber giveaway. Perhaps it can give you a few ideas for your own YouTube channel.

Showing Appreciation for Those Who Help Me Along

First of all, it’s people like you, reading this blog post, who help me become the success I strive to be. If it wasn’t for the people watching my videos, I obviously wouldn’t hit 1k subs.

In fact, it’s the interactions and comments that give me purpose.

Your time is valuable, and this is my small way of thanking you for watching and subscribing to the channel. You help me develop validation about being an expert and a professional.

1000 Subscribers is a Great Milestone

Although I am still short the 4000 hours watch time YouTube requires before monetizing the channel, 1,000 subscribers is an incredible milestone.

Especially considering how I wasn’t really planning on creating a YouTube community. I just wanted videos on the blog post so people can either read or watch the materials.

And because this is quite an exciting milestone for a micro creator, doing a 1000 subscribers giveaway just seems to flow well.

I Love Helping Others Any Way I Can

I am quite the charitable individual. Or, at least I try to be as much as I can afford to do so. It’s why one of my blogs exists in the first place and why I enjoy giving things away when at all possible.

Unfortunately, I’m no Mr Beast. I don’t have a seemingly endless bankroll for random giveaways. But what I do have is mostly thanks to the followers and fans of WriterSanctuary.

Well, outside of the money I make as a freelancer.

I Find It Incredibly Fun, When I Can Afford It

I thoroughly enjoyed giving away a $25 gift card when I hit 500 subscribers. It was one of the most fun things I did on the blog since creating it. So, why wouldn’t I give something away at 1000?

It’s why I live stream every year for Extra Life, even though we never bring in donations from Twitch. It’s also why I jump in on silent auctions for charity and support a wide variety of organizations.

For me, it’s incredibly fun. I just wish I was a bigger creator so I could do more for those in need.

Motivates Me to Do More and Grow the Channel

The 1000 subscribers giveaway is more than just something fun. It helps inspire me to go further with the channel and turn it into something people enjoy and appreciate.

My production value has gone up a bit and I’m really looking forward to a lot of the videos I have planned for this year.

Watching people enjoy my work enough to subscribe fuels my drive to continue. In other words, you motivate me to be the best I can be. And I hate the thought of letting someone down.

And it Helps with Marketing…

I read somewhere that giveaways help with marketing a brand. Although the last giveaway didn’t do squat for boosting views or visits, it’s still something that might prove beneficial down the road.

The reason why I don’t push the marketing aspect too much is because I’d rather people follow and watch because they’re interested in what I share. I don’t want you to subscribe just because you might win something.

On the other hand, if someone enters the 1000 subscribers giveaway and winds up liking what I put out there, then I guess that’s a benefit of marketing.

What Am I Giving Away This Time?

For this giveaway, I’m handing out a $150 gift card to Barnes & Noble. I offered to pay for web hosting for three years, but it seems more people would rather have the purchasing power for B&N.

I’m also going to give away a few memberships to my Buy Me a Coffee page. Currently, I publish members-only content such as posts every Sunday and trying to do more behind-the-scenes videos.

Once I get the eBooks published, members will also get discounts.

At any rate, the big prize for the 1000 subscribers giveaway is, indeed, the Barnes & Noble gift card.

Though, I’m not sure why we call it a gift card. It’s merely the gift code I email to the winner after buying it from B&N. So, it’s not like you’ll get a real card or anything.

On the other hand, I can buy the cards locally and mail them out to the winner. It’s just far more convenient to email someone the gift code.

How Can You Enter the 1000 Subscribers Giveaway?

Gift Card

This time around, I am using the RafflePress plugin. Yes, I spent $40 on the pro version, and will probably write a review about it in the very near future.

At any rate, to enter, just visit the current giveaways page on this website, register with your email address, and earn entries by visiting any of my social accounts or answer the poll.

Each action earns you a certain number of entries. The more entries you earn, the more likely you can win.

This includes things like just visiting the Instagram page, or checking out the YouTube channel. You don’t even have to follow or subscribe to most of the platforms.

I think the Twitter entry requires a follow, but I’m not sure how it works. So, feel free to follow and then unfollow. Though, you’re only reinforcing my argument from earlier.

You know, the one where I say I would love people to follow me because they like the content and not because they can get something…

At any rate, don’t forget to confirm your email address after the blog sends you a confirmation message. I can’t email the Barnes & Noble code if I’m not sure you’ll receive it.

Once the giveaway is over, I delete all email addresses from my personal database. I might set up an email subscription platform in the future, but for now, I have no need of your address outside of sending you the code.

Let’s See How Long it Takes to Get to 2,000

So, I started the channel in September of 2018 and hit 1,000 subscribers by February of 2021. That’s almost 2.5 years! Hopefully, it won’t take me that long to grow the channel further.

At this rate, I’ll be 63 years old by the time I hit 10k. Guess I need to make stuff people are more interested in watching.

Here’s to another 2,000 subscribers and future giveaways. Thank you to everyone who’s made this happen. I just hope I can continue to inspire, motivate, educate, and entertain for the foreseeable future.

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