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Understanding the Competition as a Freelance Writer

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For a freelance writer, the competition on the Internet is fierce. Whether you’re working on getting private contracts or writing for Textbroker, you can bet thousands upon thousands of people are trying to get the same jobs. You need to make yourself stand out.

Otherwise, clients will go to competing authors for the work they need. The end result is less work for you, which means less money.

Competition is Rampant on the Internet

The Internet has opened a lot of doors for various professionals. From graphic design to writing blog posts, freelancers of all types are competing with each other across the globe.

And given the sheer number of writers out in the wild, clients literally have their pick of the litter…so to speak.

Not embracing this fact will only hurt your chances of having a lucrative career as a freelancer.[adrotate banner=”8″]

…But Not All Will Have Staying Power

Luckily, a lot of the competition doesn’t have what it takes to maintain a solid career. For instance, some will aim to cut their prices so low that a livable wage is next to impossible just so they can get the job.

Others will show they have exceptional pride in their expertise and increase prices so high that clients shy away from them.

More still simply decide freelance writing isn’t what they want to do in life.

7 Ways to Make Yourself Stand Out Among the Competition

As a professional freelance writer, it’s your job to make yourself stand out among the crowd. You need to give clients a reason to use your services. This is true regardless of what kind of freelancer you are.

Even Uber drivers can improve their statistics by improving reputation and visibility.

So, what can you do to separate yourself from the competition?

1. Pump Yourself Up

Have a positive mindset about your career. Get yourself “pumped” for the day and be excited for new opportunities. The more energetic you seem, the more attractive you are to a range of clients.

For me, it’s all about getting the blood flowing first thing in the morning. After exercising in front of the Xbox Kinect, I’ll turn on my “motivation” play list and take the day by the throat.

As a writer, your mindset can easily influence how you create content. Some of us often let our current emotional status seep through the text.

Not to mention how your mental state affects interactions with clients.

2. Always Have Complete Profiles

When using systems like Textbroker, make sure every portion of your profile is filled out in full and with great detail. This includes education, regularly updated writing samples and other bits of information you might not think is important.

Clients can see this information during a search and will judge how well you fit in their dynamic. If you leave certain sections blank, the client can simply move on to the next until they find the right candidate.

If you use social media such as LinkedIn to promote freelancing, make sure it’s fully filled in. When you’re social profile looks half-assed, a lot of clients will think you are the same way as a professional.

Be proud of who and what you are while showing your skills and abilities.

3. Offer a Superior Customer Experience

Treat your regular clients like gold. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects for separating yourself from the competition. In fact, I know a lot of employers who will pay more for someone who has superior customer service skills.

I’ve seen too many authors lose out on potentially lucrative opportunities because they had the wrong attitude when dealing with clients. If you’re disrespectful or try to screw the client over, he or she can move on to another freelancer.

The better you treat a client, the more likely he or she will send additional work your way later on. Don’t think of it as kissing ass…but think of it as job security.

Besides, there is a big difference between being an ass kisser and showing respect.[template id=”2087″]

4. Be an Expert in Your Preferred Field

The more you know about any particular subject, the easier it is to write content. It takes more than a firm grasp of grammar and spelling to land a regular paying client.

Knowledge is key.

For instance, one of my retaining clients wants a lot of content centering around marketing and SEO. To better serve this client, I tend to do a lot of research regarding both topics.

This helps me provide the best content possible while delivering accurate and verifiable information.

Plus, I find it far easier to type when I know what I’m talking about.

5. Have a Quick Turnaround

One of the things that’s helped me become the success I am on Textbroker is my wicked fast turnaround rate for content. As soon as I pick up an order, I work on it until it’s done.

In most instances, I’ll have a 500 word article done in 15 to 20 minutes…including research and proofreading. And because I am fast, clients toss more work my way because they know they’ll get it back in less than an hour.

This is aside from the fact that a fast turnaround also helps you make more money. Freelance writers, especially those working for content mills, are paid per completed project.

Do more, you get paid more.

Having a fast turnaround is one thing. You need to provide quality as well. Being fast means nothing if you’re handing in garbage to the client.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of Learning Something New

Another thing that sets me apart from the competition is how I am not afraid to learn new material. In fact, it’s one of the big reasons why one of my retaining clients has kept me busy for more than two years.

I also have plans to take a few writing courses in the near future to better serve my clients.

My point is that not every writer feels they need to keep developing. Some of your competition will feel they “know enough” to get by. Expanding your knowledge and abilities lets you surpass those people.

7. Be Flexible and Diverse

I’m a strong proponent for diversifying as a writer. In reality, it helped me land one of the most lucrative clients I’ve ever had. Not only do I create content, I also provide screenshots and graphics.

Don’t get me wrong, providing superior content is primary. However, you can go above and beyond the competition by adding more to the experience.

For instance, I offer search engine optimization when writing content for clients on Textbroker. I make sure the article scores well in SEO before submitting it.

Go beyond just text and deliver something that makes you stand out for the client.

Don’t Let the Competition Get All the Work

If you’re not memorable, clients are less likely to use you as a freelance writer. If you’re not making yourself stand out, chances are you’re literally sending clients to people like me.

Make yourself more visible and approachable. It’ll definitely impact how much money you’ll bring in any given week.[template id=”2089″]

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