3 Ways Grammarly Makes You a Better Freelance Writer

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Being a freelance writer requires a lot of skill if you want to be a success. However, tools like Grammarly are available to help tighten your abilities. Dave Chesson easily breaks down three important ways this system improves your freelance writing career.

What is it that makes a writer?

Is it the hours of planning? The meticulous creation of characters and plots? Or maybe it’s the endless pots of coffee and sleepless nights.

Me personally, I think it’s all of the above. But there’s a lot more that goes into it. For example, do you know when you should you semicolons as a writer? That’s right. Grammar is very important. (I know, shocker right?)

And style choices… Should you write with eloquent prose, dry humor, or cold logic? Will you kick it old school and manually write in ledgers or enter the Digital Era?[adrotate banner=”8″]

Why Choose Grammarly?

Pretty sure, most of you will choose the modern route. That’s a pretty solid choice. Because in today’s day and age, we have many great tools we can use to not only help our writing but help ourselves become better writers.

Grammarly is one such tool. It is like having your own personal writing angel hovering over your shoulder. Grammarly is more than just your ordinary spell checker though. In fact it is much, much more.

Grammarly comes equipped with:

  • A Web Browser Extension
  • MS Word and Outlook Plug-In (PC ONLY)
  • Built in Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Email Delivered Performance Stats
  • 150 Critical Grammar and Spelling Checks…

And that’s just the free version! The premium version comes with all of that plus…

  • 100 More Critical Grammar and Spelling Checks
  • Vocabulary Enhancement Checks
  • Genre Specific Style Checks
  • And an Anti-Plagiarism Checker!

Grammarly is indeed a very useful tool for writers. And just as a sharp knife can help a chef make cleaner cuts, Grammarly can help us as writers produce better projects or books.

Here are three ways that Grammarly can make us better writers.

#1. It Increases Our Mastery Of The English Language.

Who actually remembers every single grammar rule that you’ve learned from school? I know I surely don’t. Thankfully though, Grammarly’s grammar checking abilities can help set us straight.

Spelling errors are easily corrected as well. All of us have those tricky words that no matter what we misspell. (Mine is rhythm. Misspelled it just now as I typed it. Thank goodness for spell check.)

Grammarly can help you fix this issue. After trial, error, and correction, you start to find yourself writing properly. It trains your brain to stop making the same mistakes. (Except for rhythm. Just did it again. Sigh.)

Another way it helps you improve your English prowess is through its double-click dictionary and thesaurus. Sometimes, there’s one word that fits your sentence perfectly…. But you just can’t place it.

A thesaurus or dictionary can come quite in handy.

#2. It Helps You Keep Your Work Honest.

Do you know how many ways there are to write the exact same material? Countless. So there shouldn’t be any problem with your writing right? Well, guess again.

Now, I’m sure none of you are out there maliciously plagiarizing. But sometimes, accidental plagiarism does happen. Rarely. But it does happen.

And it happens mostly in the form of failing to cite your sources. Sometimes we get a little excited with our writing and forget to properly give credit. Thankfully, Grammarly helps keep us honest by running your work through a Plagiarism checker.

This can also be particularly helpful if you ever have to employ a ghostwriter. A good ghostwriter can be hard to come by. The job often requires research on unfamiliar topics and morphing styles.

So when given the opportunity to make use of quoted work… your ghostwriter may jump right on it.

Use this tool to help keep your name clean and clear.

#3. It Helps You Achieve Your Writing Goals

Now, the best part of setting goals is achieving them, right? You bet it is.

But sometimes it can be difficult to keep on keeping on until completion.

This is where Grammarly’s progress report feature comes into play. You see, every week Grammarly gives you an updated report on just what you’ve done. Here are the areas it tracks.

  • Productivity
    Grammarly tracks just how productive you were for that week. How many words you’ve written. How much time you spent. That kind of stuff. It also allows you to compare your current week to the previous four. This way you can be exactly just how far you moved along and at what pace.
  • Accuracy
    Not only can you track how productive you are, but just how accurate you were while doing so. Over time you can begin to watch your errors start to diminish as you practice more and more. (Hopefully.)
  • Vocabulary
    Sometimes, standard run of the mill words just don’t cut it. Every now and then you need a unique word to really ensorcell your readership. Grammarly keeps track of these words and how often you use them. Follow along and watch the growth of your vocabulary.
  • Top Grammar Mistakes
    This particular area is one of the coolest ones to follow. It tells you exactly where you are making the majority of your mistakes. This allows you to focus on your problem areas and improve your writing.

These factors allow you to monitor your progress and help inspire you to push yourself further and further.

Enhance Your Skills with Grammarly

There are many things that Grammarly can do for you. It can help you with your grammar, your spelling, and your styles. It can monitor your weekly progress and watch your plagiarism.

But maybe the most important thing Grammarly can do for you is… make you a better writer.


Dave Chesson is a book marketing nerd who runs He is a consultant for bestselling authors and the creator of KDP Rocket.

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