17 Best Free Online Typing Test Sites You Should Try

17 Best Free Online Typing Test Sites You Should Try

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As a freelance writer or blogger, it’s good to have great typing skills. It cuts down the time you put in for any particular writing task. Today, I’m going to show you some of the best sites for an online typing test to hone your abilities.

Having quick fingers can ultimately lead to greater productivity and more money.

Where Can You Find Free Online Typing Test Sites?

Actually, free tests for typing online are quite plentiful. I even came across one focusing on typing from a smartphone. But, I’m not including that one because it doesn’t really fit this website.

And who wants to type out a 3500 word eBook from a smartphone?

1. TypingTest.com


This is among my favorite online typing test sites. TypingTest.com has a wide assortment of games, courses, and training materials that can really make a difference.

From the home page, you can go from a one-minute test all the way up to 10 if you want to see how well you do over the long haul.

Some of the better tests include the ability to identify your weakest keystrokes and help you improve. For instance, you may have trouble hitting the “b” key or perhaps the number row.

2. TypingGames.zone


A lot of the free online typing test sites in this list get their links from TypingGames.zone. It’s only natural since several of the sites in this list also belong to TypingMaster, Inc.

TypingGames has a lot of different styles of entertainment all focused on using the keyboard to play. Since gamification is a great way to learn and engage in an activity, this site has great potential for those who enjoy any kind of game.

3. Typing.com


The Typing.com website is pretty simple in comparison to some of the others in this list. It’s geared mostly for young students and has a general “play” feel to the layout.

However, it also has lessons, links to games, achievements you can earn from a free account, and more.

Users can even change the themes of their profiles, much like you would on a social media website. The site, as a whole, has more of a roleplaying feel as you can earn experience points to go up in levels.

4. Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online is another easy-to-use website that starts you off with a one-minute test. You can register for free if you’d like in order to track progress or jump into the typing lessons available.

One thing that sets Speed Typing Online apart from the others is the front page test itself. You can adjust the settings of the text, what type, and the duration. You can even change its appearance.

For instance, you can start the test off with the opening to “A Tale of Two Cities.”

5. Rapid Typing

Rapid Typing

Like most free online typing test sites in this list, Rapid Typing throws the first initial test at you on the homepage.

However, it is a bit different. Instead of a timed test, you choose from a set number of characters. Once you’re done typing, the test will calculate the results and the time it took you to finish.

Then, you can see how you pit against others on the website, including “Champions of the Month.”

Though, you also have access to learning materials and other testing elements. I just like to see if I can get my name on the top of the list.

6. Ratatype


Ratatype has a bit of a social media-type feel to it. You can sign up and compete with others, connect your Facebook account and pit your skills against friends, or just work to collect a typing certification.

You can even set up a group for your friends or classmates. This is great for teachers and students to get fully involved.

This online typing test site comes with a series of lessons for a variety of keyboard types. So, you can stick with the standard English layout or jump into French lessons.

7. 10FastFingers


One of the first things that stand out to me on 10FastFingers is the competitive boards at the bottom of the page. The competitive nature in me wants to join and get on the leaderboards.

At any rate, there is quite a bit you can do on 10FastFingers, from custom typing tests you create yourself to multiplayer tests to pit you against others.

Like competitions? This site has several in a myriad of languages you can join.

10FastFingers is probably the most interactive, social, online typing test site I’ve come across yet. And, it’s piqued my interest to compete.

8. Typing Speed Test

Typing Speed Test

Typing Speed Test is one of the most basic platforms on this list. The reason I added it as one of the best is because of its actual test.

Instead of a logical sentence to follow, the words are more randomized. This means your brain has to process the word itself without trying to make sense of the sentence.

In other words, it’s a bit more difficult.

Plus, when you’re done, you can challenge friends by clicking the Facebook button. The site also shows the median of everyone who has used the platform so you can determine how you compare.

9. TypingCAT


TypingCAT is an interesting site. You can change the length of the test up to five minutes, create a custom layout in the Settings panel, and access some very helpful resources.

But that’s not what makes it an interesting site.

One of the selections for taking a typing course includes “User-Generated Courses.” These are courses made from the actual users of the platform. Then, people can rank the course by giving it a “Like.”

Plus, you can arrange these user courses by Likes and Popularity. From what I have seen so far, some of them are actually put together quite well. However, there are a few that are…well…not so much.

10. Online Typing

Online Typing

At Online Typing, you have access to the common basic tests that just about all of the others promote. However, this one also includes 10-Key typing. 

Aside from the tests, there are some free lessons you can take, access to various game types, and the blog is full of useful information.

Although it doesn’t have a lot of the bells-and-whistles or explosive design as some of the other online typing test sites, it is easy to use with a lot of good elements.

11.  Typing Academy

Typing Academy

Typing Academy is a great solution if you’re looking for something over the long term. By using a free account, you can keep track of your statistics and monitor your high scores versus other users.

The testing system does not allow fixing errors, and you’ll just have to keep typing if you mess up. This is great as it helps hone your skills to hit the correct keys the first time. Because, yes, the backspace can slow you down.

The biggest drawback I see with this system is the way the test is presented. It scrolls the words as you type. This is a bit distracting, in my opinion. However, it doesn’t take long to get used to it.

12. Key Hero

Key Hero

Key Hero’s Typing Practice is just that…practice. It doesn’t have a lot of the frills the others in this list have. However, it does keep track of your recent scores and accuracy.

At the end of each test, the system will show your speed, accuracy, and where you made mistakes throughout the text. It takes a bit getting used to, but it’s actually not all that bad of a platform.

Key Hero does provide various lessons for keystrokes, custom text tests, and instant death typing test, which ends the moment you make a mistake. This is kind of a neat idea as it puts far more emphasis on accuracy.

13. LiveChat

Live Chat

Oddly enough, LiveChat has a typing test on its website. What makes it odd is that LiveChat is a ChatBot, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase platform for websites.

I suppose being able to type well would improve these facets.

At any rate, the typing test on LiveChat is quite basic. It provides your WPM, characters per minute, and accuracy. Plus, you’re able to see where you stand among others who have tested across the globe.

And although it is incredibly basic, at least you can take the test as many times as you want.

14. Official-Typing-Test

Official Typing Test

Official Typing Test is another that offers typing certificates upon completion. But only if you’re a corporate user. So, this would work perfectly for recruitment offices or employers who regularly test typists.

Unfortunately, I don’t see how much a certificate costs as it’s locked behind a corporate account.

The typing tests show the important elements, such as WPM, accuracy, gross WPM, and the errors you made.

However, it lacks some of that gamification you’d find in some of the other free online typing test sites. Still, it works and has a professional appearance for those who often hire writers.

15. Online Typing Test

Online Typing Test

Aside from looking a bit like the old, early 2000s GeoCities websites, Online Typing Test does have a few features that make it stand out.

First of all, you can customize the test in a variety of ways using the red-boxed drop-down elements across the top.

Secondly, you can pit yourself against others who use the system. You can also compare your results to the Timer on the right, which has a breakdown of typing skills.

For instance, I rank as “Fast” according to the grade for my WPM as I was able to hit 70 this time around.

16. CareerStep


CareerStep is more of a training platform for specific jobs. It only makes sense they would have a free online typing test.

The test results show the basics of how well you did, but then pops up an advertisement about how “fast typers” are in demand. Essentially, they want you to sign up with their program.

At any rate, you can test as many times as you’d like in order to get better. Plus, should you decide to check it out, they may even help you land a job that centers around typing.

17. keybr


Another gamified online typing test comes in the form of keybr. It has high scores, multiplayer games, different keyboard layouts for varying regions, and comes with a profile area that is full of progress reports.

There are also a variety of settings you can change to customize the tests themselves. For instance, you can set up guided lessons, choose your own custom text, stop the cursor on errors, and more.

Although keybr looks a bit basic compared to some of the others, it is actually a fairly decent system if you want to continue practicing over time.

Grammarly Grammar Checker

Do Online Typing Test Sites Really Help?

Any amount of continued practice in any given skill only makes you better. This is true whether you’re playing sports or freelancing as a writer.

Free sites like the ones above are just quick and easy methods to put in a bit of time boosting your typing skills. And since most don’t require registration to get started, you can begin right now without signing up or sharing your email address.

I have no doubt that my ability to handle a keyboard played a major role in my success as a freelance writer. Think about it; if you’re paid per word, the word-per-minute rate of your typing skills is essentially your pay.

Though, being able to proofread, research and other elements that go into a project will slow you down. With a fast typing speed, you know your physical skills won’t hold you back.

Also keep in mind that the more you type on any platform, the better you become. It all boils down to one simple phrase, “Practice makes perfect.”

What’s a Good WPM Rate?

Every expert, job, and recruitment office is going to have its own standards when it comes to typing. However, it’s a general consensus that anything over 40-45 words per minute is above average.

Personally, I can push around 70 WPM when I’m not half-asleep or slouching in my chair.

At any rate, you should aim for anything over 40 WPM. And the more practice you get from an online typing test, the better. Every moment you spend honing your skills only makes you that much faster and accurate.

And don’t worry about trying to compete with anyone else. I know people who can push in excess of 140 WPM, which is insanely fast. The only one you’re in competition with is yourself.

Give Your Writing a Boost

Anything you can do to improve productivity is going to make you more valuable. Whether you’re a blogger or writing for a client as a freelancer, it’s all about streamlining your workload.

Being able to type fast can make a world of difference. Especially when it comes to large projects.

Explore some of the free online typing test sites above and see what fits your needs. You really don’t have much to lose, but a lot to gain.

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