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Making Money from Home as a Freelance Writer

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Although I have tackled this subject over the past year, the rising interest in making money from home in the United States has prompted me to see if I can get a bit more descriptive into how it’s possible to do so. There are quite a few people that I meet throughout the week that have no idea that there are legitimate ways to make money from home using the Internet and virtually any skill you may possess. The hardest part about being successful is keeping motivated to keep bringing in the money.
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What Entails Making Money from Home as a Freelance Writer?

Your worst adversary for being a success as an author is yourself. You need to have dedication and determination to succeed – which is true in any task you wish to accomplish. However, it can be exceedingly difficult for writers given the working lifestyle of sitting at your computer for hours on end.

When making money from home as a freelance writer, there are several important key factors you need to consider. These are:

  • There is plenty of work out there available
  • There is legitimate companies that have your best interests in mind
  • The money you make from home is limited by your own potential
  • You are paid for production, not per hour
  • It can be more lucrative than most opportunities in your area

Plenty of Work
As of the beginning of 2014, a new blog is developed every 0.5 seconds. Most of these are people that are trying to make money on their websites. A large portion of these individuals don’t have the time to write constant content for those sites and will pay freelance writers like yourself for that material. This field may never lose momentum because of everyone’s need to make money online in this manner.

Legitimate Companies
There are several legitimate companies that will help you make money from home as a writer. If you’ve explored this website at all, you will see that my ultimate favorite is Another one that I’ve made money on is, however the workload is usually considerably less. There are others, but you want to make sure you’re not handing money over to anyone. Legitimate writing websites will not ask you for money upfront.

Your Own Potential
As mentioned earlier, your own efforts will be the biggest factor in how well you do from home. Everyone has this fantasy that working from home is perfect and how they can be their own boss. The truth is, it also requires a great deal of dedication on your part as well as motivation to continue. You have no one else to be accountable for and that can hurt your chances for success if you don’t remain focused.

Paid for Production, Not per Hour
In most cases, you will be paid for producing articles and blog posts for clients – not an hourly wage. This can be both good and bad for you. It’s good because you can make an incredible amount of money from home if you remain focused on the work. It’s bad in the effect that you don’t get paid breaks or lunches. If you’re not typing for a client, you’re not making money.

More Lucrative than Many Local Jobs
Being a freelance writer from home has a great deal of potential for income. If I was to do nothing but write for eight hours per day, I could easily make more than $30,000 per year. This is based on my personal averages and you could make more or less depending on your unique experiences. This boils down to more than $16 per hour – which is hard to come by in my rural area.

When it comes to making money from home, freelance writing has its rewards. However, not everyone can maintain sitting at the desk for an extensive amount of time. It’s not as easy as it may sound, and you need to have love for creating content. However, it’s possible to make a few extra dollars per week if you feel that writing could be something you like to do.

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