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Why I Haven’t Published More Creative Works

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Although I consider myself successful in terms of freelance writing, I would still like to have my name attached to something. Unfortunately, my creative works suffer because I can’t seem to find a good groove. Which is a shame, because I really enjoy writing fiction.

I have a lot of mental blocks to take down. But I am willing to bet that I’m not the only one. Perhaps there are more who feel as I do and can’t figure out how to shake it off.
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Publishing Creative Works

I’m the type of person who can pull some pretty amazing ideas from thin air. However, they never seem to go very far because of who I am and how my brain works.

Sure, I can whip up some excellent content for clients at the drop of a hat. But I can’t seem to get my own creative works past the first few chapters.

Writing to Make Money

I have days when I work on my own stories that I feel I should be writing for a client. If I’m typing out words, I might as well get paid for it. My creative works don’t generate income of their own, so I need to help those willing to pay.

Originally, I started writing on Wattpad as a way to test my abilities and work out the “kinks” in my style. I figured using the platform would be a good way to garner a following or fan-base before actually publishing a real novel.

But then I get it in my head that I’m not making money while do so, and I wind up not following through with my plan. Which is a good plan, really.

It’s not a very good way to go about things. After all, I started writing in my teen years as a hobby. I tried to get a few stories and novels published in the past, but I lack conviction to follow through.

Extremely Hard on Myself

One of my biggest issues is how hard I am on myself when it comes to my creative works. I am confident as a freelance ghostwriter, but not so much when it comes to my fictional pieces. Even stories that drew attention from others wind up getting tossed in the trash.

I suppose part of this is because somewhere in the back of my mind I am expecting some kind of instant gratification. Because no one reads my creative works, I figure they’re not very good. Then again, you would have to finish something for someone to read.

It’s a catch-22 that I keep getting wrapped up in. I can’t really call myself a failure at writing fictional pieces if I can’t finish a project. No, I fail at trying to write them.

What I should do is complete the story and let others be the judge. In the past, I’ve had clients give me praise and bonuses for writing content I felt was substandard compared to my previous work.

Perhaps I am expecting far more out of myself than is necessary.[template id=”2087″]

Easily Sidetracked

I often have a problem of getting sidetracked by random things. And I’m not just talking about YouTube videos or getting sucked into Netflix. Out of nowhere, I’ll do something like vacuum the floor or sweep and mop the bathroom instead of writing.

It’s almost like my mind searches for other things to do in order to give me a reason not to write. My mind often streaks along at 100 miles per hour while ignoring the Stop signs.

Then what happens is that I completely forget what I was writing and start a different project. Like right now…I am debating on starting a new website for the sole purpose of selling it at an auction after it starts gaining traffic.

My mind is all over the map most of the time, unless I am working for a client. The first thing I do in the morning is make sure my retainer’s project is complete…and nothing else matters.

I’ve tried doing this for myself, and it’s worked to an extent. For instance, I try to make sure at least two of my blogs get a new article Monday through Friday. It doesn’t always pan out that way, but that’s the intent.

Again, I prioritize the articles that guarantee pay while those that don’t are put on the back burner. Yes, I make a few bucks per month off my sites. But it pales in comparison to what my retainer gives me every month.

Then again, my sites would make far more money if I put in the same amount of effort I do for my client.

Too Lazy to Put in the Effort

Being lazy has done more to hurt my creative works than anything else, I think. I’m always tired, I get burned out throughout the day and I just can’t seem to get into the zone for writing my own fiction.

So, I have a goal to write content for at least seven hours per day. That’s seven hours of actually typing, which I keep track of on a spreadsheet. I’ve scheduled this “work” time from 8am to 3:30pm. My spreadsheet will then calculate a percentage of “efficiency” depending on how many minutes I actually work.

The goal of this is to at least hit 80% every day. If I can surpass this number, then it usually means everything gets enough attention…including my creative works.

The problem is, I have a hard time even reaching that goal most days. And I don’t really have anyone else to blame but myself. My plans are sound, I just lack follow-through.

I have plenty of reasons to fall back on…such as working through a mid-life crisis, stress about money, depression because my investments are tanking and a slew of others. But in reality, I am fully capable of still keeping my head in the game.

And that’s the real trick of it, isn’t it? Finding motivation to stay the course every day.

But, I’m Trying…

In reality, I only started this new schedule system of mine recently. I can’t really say for certain that it’s a failure. First, I would need to at least reach my basic goal before I start thinking my time as a blogger/author is wasted.

In the mean time, I suppose I’ll just keep trying to put in the effort to become more than I am. It’s a difficult road, especially when you have to slay far more demons than you thought you had.[template id=”2089″]

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