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7 Realities You May Be Overlooking as a Writer

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A lot of potential writers seem to have several misconceptions regarding success while developing content. Often times, they assume they will be an online sensation from day one. While it’s true that few authors can become viral on the Internet almost overnight, there are several realities that come into play. You can’t obsess about being noticed if you want to succeed. It could affect your writing style as well as your drive to continue. It’s all about keeping things in perspective.[adrotate banner=”8″]

What Realities are You Overlooking as a Writer?

You can’t expect to create a single story to become the next biggest thing. There are several realities that all play into how successful you are including how well you write. Here are seven things I’ve found to be true whether you’re a ghostwriter or a novelist.

1. The Competition

Yes, the Internet provides you with spectacular tools that can assist in driving success as a writer. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t consider the immense amount of competition that is also online. There are millions upon millions of people just like yourself who are trying to make their way into the world of writing. It’s easy for your work to get buried among all of those pieces of content that are on the Internet. As a result, you may not see a lot of traffic to that perfect piece.

2. Marketing is a Must

Because the competition is so great, a plan for marketing is an absolute if you want to drive traffic. Without some form of marketing plan, your work can remain unknown to the general populace. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can spread the word of your skills to the masses. However, it will still take a degree of dedication to keep the marketing going. Think of it this way, you don’t see just one commercial on television for a certain product, do you?

3. Social Engagement

Connected FreelancerAnything you do online requires a degree of social engagement. Did you know that more than 78% of the people in the United States have a social media account? This is what drives businesses to invest in social marketing. It’s also why you should invest the time as well. But it takes more than simply sharing your work on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You need to interact with those individuals as well. The more you interact with your fans, the more loyal they become. This will then lead to a greater level of shares and a sparkling reputation.

4. Developing a Reputation

I’ve seen people post a single story on Wattpad only to stop writing it after a while because of a lack of visits. This is also seen in many blogs around the world. You can’t assume that you’re going to attract a large audience when you first start writing. This is true whether you’re a ghostwriter or an author. Out of all the realities you need to pay attention to, your reputation may be one of the most important. Steven King didn’t receive instant success with his first publishing in Reader’s Digest. It took him a while to become the success he his now.

5. Understanding True Critiques

No matter how good you think you are, there will always be people who don’t like your style. Accepting and understanding true critiques can help you develop as a writer. However, you’ll also need to pay less attention to those who criticize your work for the sake of being rude. These trolls are nothing more than a waste of your energy. A true critique is when someone tells you what they don’t like about a story other than saying, “because.” Also, Don’t take criticism too hard. It can be an invaluable tool to help you develop as a writer but it can be easy to sink into self-pity if someone doesn’t like your work.

6. Understanding Your Target Audience

Followers SnippetA lot of writers will have a specific genre and audience for which they are aiming. Understanding these people can be a boon to helping you develop strong content. This is another aspect that works for both ghostwriting and authoring. For example, I work closely with a web hosting company that offers WordPress to businesses. As such, I need to understand how the customers of my client think and what they want to see in a blog post. The same goes for writing a novel.

7. Lack of Skill

I know a lot of people who assume they have what it takes to be a novelist. After reading some of their work, it’s safe to say they need to brush up on grammar and plot development. That’s OK, though. Nobody is going to step out onto the scene and engage the audience right off the bat, and developing skills is a must if you want to have any real success as a writer. For instance, I know that I need to develop my abilities before even considering selling my work. As it stands, I doubt I would make very much or receive high praises. Don’t assume you’re abilities are perfect.

You can’t become obsessed by a lack of visitors on a blog or a lack of readers of your story on Wattpad. It can take a long time to reach a desired level of success. Giving up on your writing is a sure fire way to make sure you fail. Keep writing and develop your skills. Without warning, you could be contacted by someone who may take your abilities to greater heights. Understanding the realities of writing can help you secure success.

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