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Online Freelance Writing Salary: What to Expect in 2018

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Freelance writing from home has its perks. With the Internet as your tool, it’s possible to make a good living creating content for others. However, many people still struggle when trying to keep the bills paid. Is it a lack of income, or personal productivity? That’s completely up to the individual. What kind of freelance writing salary can you expect in the coming year?
No one can guarantee with 100% certainty you’ll make a specific amount as a freelance writer. The best most of us can do is offer our own insights into how the future is going to unfold. So, what can you expect from a freelance writing salary on the Internet in the upcoming year?

Contributing Factors to 2018

A lot of factors come into play when determining a value on your writing skill. Even the smallest changes can lead to gigantic impacts in your overall income. Here are a few you should keep an eye on.
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The Economy

Achieve Your DreamsThe economy plays a role in the success of many industries. The more secure a business or individual’s financial future, the more likely they’ll pay for freelance work done.

While some industries are still able to thrive when things are tight, I’ve noticed a significant difference year-over-year as a writer. Of course, this increase in available work may also be affected by Internet technology and ever-increasing online availability around the globe.

The Competition

One of the biggest contributors to a freelance writing salary is the competition. This one can be ultimately devastating to overall value. In many ways, it already has.

Writers from the pre-Internet days were paid far more per word than we are today. Thanks to the accessibility of the Internet, clients can easily find cheaper help to create content. In essence, we’ve all saturated the market quite heavily with the ability to put a sentence together.

On the other hand, some clients are more apt to paying a higher freelance writing salary for someone who knows what they’re doing. Unfortunately, these clients are so spread out that it’s difficult to find them.

The best you can do is constantly make sure you’re ahead of the competition. This includes skill, industry knowledge and a respectful nature.

Using Brokerage Systems

What to Make Using TextbrokerI’ve noticed a significant increase in workload in systems like Textbroker since I started in 2012. I can only assume part of this is because of the inherent and important nature of content on websites and social media. It’s a major part of marketing a brand.

Unfortunately, many brokerage systems still have the same pay available to writers as they did five years ago. Unlike a traditional job, you can’t expect a cost-of-living increase as a freelance writer when using these platforms.

While some have offered a slight increase to the payout, it’s not enough when compared to increasing living expenses year-after-year.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these systems are bad. I’m simply pointing out that the increase in pay is not equal to cost-of-living. Then again, a lot of traditional jobs are the same way – which is why there is debate about increasing the minimum wage here in the US.

Promoting Yourself

Increasing your freelance writing salary is more likely going to mean increasing your workload or finding more lucrative clients. This is done by promoting yourself as a professional.

How easy is it for a client to find you on his or her own when looking for a freelance writer? If you don’t market yourself well, you could be missing out on opportunities that surpass anything you’re doing now.

Luckily, you have a myriad of tools available to get your name out there as a freelance writer. Start with revamping and sprucing up your LinkedIn profile. More clients are browsing through this site every month looking for talent.

Technology and Apps

Keep an eye on new technology and apps that assist in developing content. Adding these to your abilities has potential to impress clients and increase your value. This is especially useful if you know how to use a system that will save a client money overall.

One of the selling points to my current retainer is the use of Photoshop and creating my own screenshots for tutorials. This saves the organization money instead of paying a graphic designer to do it.

It won’t take long for your current knowledge and abilities to become obsolete. Do what you can to keep up with online trends and tools.

Personal Productivity

Freelance GhostwriterThe most important part of increasing a freelance writing salary is your own personal productivity. I know I could make $10,000 more per year if I put more effort into maintaining a schedule. In fact, it’s one of my goals for 2018.

It’s easy to just do enough work to pay the bills and have the rest of the day to sink into YouTube or games. If you want this year to be better than the last, you may need to put more effort into production. I am pointing more at myself than anyone else reading this post.

If you’re already at peak performance, then you may simply need a more lucrative client.

Improving Your Freelance Writing Salary

Although there are a few things you don’t have control of when it comes to making money, some you do. As long as you approach it with a professional attitude, you can make great strides in your payout this year.

What steps can you take to improve your freelance writing salary?

Be Realistic with Quotes

Quoting clients takes a bit of patience and skill. You don’t want to undercut your abilities, but you don’t want to charge too much and chase the client away. This is where a lot of people fall short.

Don’t be afraid to haggle a price. Negotiating is a primary function of any business. As long as both parties feel it is a fair and reasonable price, then you can consider it a success.

If a client doesn’t agree to your terms, move on. Don’t dwell and certainly don’t drop your price below “livable.” You’re often better off looking for a client than trying to make a low wage work for your living expenses.

I’ve seen writers drop their per-word rate so low that it’s unrealistic to make a living. They often do this for the sake of “making a sale.” The problem is dropping prices too far devalues the product or service.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t use Fiverr as much as I used to. I make far more money on other systems because too many writers have an incredibly cheap rate. In order to keep my bills paid, it’s not worth the work. During the same time I would be working for a Fiverr client, I could make nearly a dollar more per 400 word article.

Constantly Look for Opportunities

Textbroker Jobs In WritingIf you want to make more money as a freelance writer, you got to look for better opportunities. Even if you have an amazing client who pays well, there is nothing wrong with keeping your options open and an eye out for another opportunity or two.

To improve your freelance writing salary, you don’t want to sit stagnant and comfortable. Sure you can pay your bills today, but what about tomorrow? If your current client goes out of business, can you still sustain yourself?

Always have several backup plans to keep yourself and your household financially safe.

Beef Up Your Resume and Skills

Like I said, clients often pay more for those who can demonstrate amazing skill. Adding more elements to your resume makes you more attractive to clients while expanding your knowledge.

If you need something to make your resume shine, learn something new. As soon as the holidays are over, I am taking a few writing courses online. Yes I consider myself a success today, but I want to go beyond what I can currently offer.

I’m also debating on teaching my own WordPress course in the near future – something that will make my resume glow in terms of content development. Of course, you want to make sure you can provide an excellent course and get student recognition.

The point is, you can always learn and do things today that will improve your resume and portfolio. If you want to make more money online, it begins with what you know and how deep that knowledge goes.

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

Your Own SuccessThe best way to secure a decent freelance writing salary is by providing a superior customer experience. I can’t explain enough about how important it is to keep clients satisfied.

I’ve seen many writers lose incredible opportunities because they are too self-centered or treat clients poorly. Yes, there is a good chance you’ll find work elsewhere as the Internet is full of people looking for content writers. However, a superior experience often leads to lucrative contracts and semi-permanent positions.

It’s better to keep one client who will pay you consistently well than to keep looking for more new clients to fill the void. Be professional, and deliver an experience the client will talk about with others in his or her network.

Remember to Diversify

An excellent way to ensure a livable freelance writing salary is to diversify your abilities. Don’t focus purely on one industry or primary skill. The more flexible you are for clients, the better.

This goes along the lines of keeping your eye on new and innovative apps. Knowing how some of those systems work can help you secure a lucrative contract.

I make money every day from several systems. Although I have my primary client, I make sure I put effort into other platforms to boost my income. While some methods don’t pay out as much, it all works toward a greater good.

Greater good…

Track Your Progress

Personally, I record every word and payout while writing. It helps me see where my freelance writing salary lands throughout the year. Use a spreadsheet and monitor your productivity and income. It will help you identify where you need to improve if you want to make more money throughout 2018.

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