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7 Things to Invest Money into as a Freelance Writer

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As a freelance writer or blogger, there are all kinds of ways to spend money. But you want to find things that will benefit your career. Today, I’ll show you the top things I would invest money into for creating a solid path as a writer.

These are the biggest expenses that made the greatest impact since 2012. And without them, I probably wouldn’t be nearly as successful today.

Bear in mind these are things that influenced my path. You may find a different road to take, which is fine. Always stick to what works best for you.

What Should You Invest Money Into?

As your career progresses, you’ll no doubt find all kinds of tools and equipment to take you further. These are merely the things that kickstarted my career and helped me focus on becoming the best I could be.

1. Get a New Chair

The first thing I upgraded was my chair. This is because the cheap, $25 chair I picked up at Walmart was doing a number on my lower body.

I wasn’t able to focus for long, constantly shifting my seat, and had to walk away quite frequently.

Once I was able to afford a nicer chair, things changed dramatically for me. Since I was far more comfortable, I wasn’t thinking about the physical strain and was able to get more work done.

The end result was an increase in my weekly pay from $50 to $75. Essentially, I was able to complete more articles per day on Textbroker simply because I felt good sitting at my desk and was more focused.

2. Second Monitor and Upgrades

Another element that made a massive difference in my productivity was adding the second monitor.

When I began writing, I would have tons of tabs open. Then, I would have to shift back and forth as I wrote content. And even though it takes a second to click into a tab, the time adds up when you’re doing it 30 to 40 times per article.

Adding the second monitor lets me open the research on one screen while I write on the other. It shaves a lot of time off the articles I write, which lets me produce more content in a shorter amount of time.

When I invest money, I focus on production value. And having the second monitor ranks right up there with being able to stay in my seat for long periods of time.

3. Upgrading the Desk

Now, this is probably not a mandatory purchase, but I have found that my larger desk helps me stay organized and gives me immediate access to things I need.

Not to mention a larger desk gives me space for upgrading the monitors.

It’s nice having the notebooks I use on one side and my coffee on the other. Plus, it helps me feel more professional than that small, cheap desk I had from Walmart. And sometimes just feeling the part helps you maintain a professional attitude.

Though, I do spend more time cleaning the desk.

4. Proper Lighting

Having proper lighting can go a long way, especially if you choose to write at night.

I found that I am far more likely to stay focused and productive in a well-lit room than in the dark. And I’ve done both. I would much prefer at least a 75watt-equivalent light above my head.

This says nothing about the headaches I used to incur while writing in the dark. Eye strain is terrible, and you could easily improve your comfort level if the ambient light was at a higher temperature.

Then again, I know a lot of people who work well in the dark. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them when it comes to writing.

The best part about lighting is that it doesn’t take a lot to invest money to brighten the room.

5. Have a Professional Blog or Portfolio

Having a blog does a lot for your freelance writing career. Many writers will use it as an online portfolio of what they can offer clients.

If you take the blog a few steps further, you can also turn it into a way to generate a passive income. So, while you’re writing for clients, the blog can keep generating income through something like affiliate sales or ad revenue.

Of course, this also depends on the level of traffic your website receives. Still, the ability is there when you have a self-hosted blog.

For less than $120 total, you can set up a website to manage your freelancing career for the next three years!

6. Exercise Equipment

Physical exercise can lead to improved brain function. And if there is one thing a freelance writer relies on, it’s the brain.

In fact, regular exercise routines can improve memory and cognitive abilities. This is in addition to giving you a boost to motivation and relieving stress.

Now, I’m not saying you need to dump several thousand dollars into exercise equipment. But, a few things to help you along would be a great way to invest money into your health.

In fact, I picked up a kit from Walmart for about $30 that comes with all kinds of gear. Just make sure you’re working up a sweat.

7. Invest Your Time

I know, your time isn’t necessarily an expense. There is no money leaving your hands by taking time to research how to improve. But, time is perhaps one of the greatest things you can invest in yourself.

Spend time learning how to improve your writing skill. Do some daily research into your niche, if you’re a niche writer, and keep yourself up-to-date on trends. Spend time practicing writing on your blog.

Whenever I wasn’t writing for a client on content mills or blogging, I was looking up how to improve my AP Style writing abilities. I also dove deep into SEO content writing to improve my value for clients.

Every moment you spend learning now will only work to improve your income in the long run.

Do You Need These Things to be Successful?

The list above is merely a breakdown of the investments I made to get to where I am today. You don’t necessarily need to buy the same things I did in order to succeed.

You will, however, want to focus on things that:

  • Improve your ability to remain productive
  • Help you generate more income
  • Will help you land more clients in a shorter amount of time

For instance, a good chair and the second monitor made the greatest impact on my career path. These two things alone vastly improved how much I could write in any given week.

The more productive I am, the more money I make. It’s as simple as that, especially if I’m writing for Textbroker and similar websites.

Find the things that will benefit you the most.

Invest Money Into Yourself

The nice thing about investing money into your freelance writing career is that a lot of purchases can be counted as tax write-offs. This means you’ll pay less in taxes at the end of the year.

Regardless of what you buy, though, never underestimate investing in yourself. Every purchase you make to boost your freelance writing is an investment into your future.

Just make sure you’re buying the right things.

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