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Handling Clients with Care: Always Be Professional

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The Internet is full of clients who want content. Whether it’s a blog post or product descriptions of online stores, there is a great deal of work for a ghostwriter if you know where to look. Unfortunately, not enough writers exude the professionalism they should. Handling clients is more than offering content. It’s about giving a superior customer experience.

3 Reasons for Handling Clients Well

Since 2012, I’ve heard horror stories from many past and current clients regarding writers. To be honest, I am shocked that anyone can call themselves professional based on what they’ve told me. However, I’ve met a few ghostwriters who I wouldn’t hire based on attitude alone as well.
[adrotate banner=”8″] My clients feel like dealing with me is like dancing a waltz…a nice easy flow that is quite enjoyable once the rhythm is established. From what most of them tell me, dancing with other writers feels more like a mosh pit.

Why should handling clients well be part of your service as a ghostwriter?

Reputation Building

Looking for WorkWord of mouth advertising is as important today as it was in the 20th century. This is especially true given the nature of social media and mass information sharing. If you treat a client poorly, you can safely assume thousands of people are going to hear about it.

If you’re serious about being a writer in any regard for clients, you need to keep reputation in mind. A client today may give your name to someone else who needs content. It’s all about positive networking, and it can easily lead to a constant flow of work.

Securing Future Work

The more respectful you are to a client, the easier it will be to secure future orders. No one wants to work with a writer who is brash or difficult to deal with. Because the pool is so vast for content creators on the Internet, clients can easily replace you.

Some writers will just brush off a client and move on to the next. This is a bad attitude to have in the grand scheme of things. You never know what client is looking for continuous easy work and are willing to pay. Being disrespectful and dismissive will cause you to lose those opportunities.

Greater Level of Success

Handling clients well leads to a greater level of success in general. Not only will you have a constant flow of jobs heading your way, but you will also feel better about your career path. I know some people troll for the sake of trolling. However, being one of the good guys is beneficial for the heart, mind and soul.

Positive energy is more productive in the long run. No, I’m not some nature-boy, vegetarian, peace-loving hippy. But I do know the effects between positive and negative energy quite intimately. Being respectful and caring for clients works on a multitude of levels in your life.

6 Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience

Keep Clients Happy
Keep Clients Happy
Whether you’re handling clients in Textbroker or create content privately, I do both, enhancing the customer experience is vital to success. It’s not about kissing their proverbial butts. It’s about professionalism.

Dress the Part

A lot of you probably relish working at home in your pajamas as a freelance ghostwriter. In fact, I am writing this right now in mine. However, there is something to be said about dressing the part to make yourself feel good.

Before I work for any client, I present myself as if they can see me through the web cam. I don’t dress up in suits, but I do dress business-casual. I simply feel more professional when I am presentable.

Be Timely

Most of your clients are undoubtedly going to be business owners or operators in some capacity. This means time is money to them. Taking too long to complete a task looks poorly in the eyes of the client. As a result, he or she will simply use someone else who may even be less qualified.

I know a lot of Textbroker writers who wait the entire 24 hours just to turn in a simple piece that could be done in less than an hour. The faster and more accurately you complete a task, the more likely that particular client will send you more work.

Follow Directions Closely

Try not to take too many literary licenses when creating content for clients. Follow the directions as closely as possible, even if they don’t seem to make any sense. Most clients want things done an exact way, and part of handling clients well is giving them what they want.

If you’re ever in any doubt about the instructions, ask. In my experience, most clients prefer someone who wants to clarify the task before handing in something that is completely wrong. Like I tell those I try to help, “It’s better to do it right the first time than to go back and fix it.”

Offer, Don’t Force, Suggestions

When it comes to procedures, offer suggestions to the client. Don’t try to force them to do it your way. After all, he or she is paying you for a specific task. If they don’t like your suggestion, simply do the job they’re paying for.

I’ve come across a lot of clients who ignored my suggestions at first. But then they send me additional work asking me to make the changes I suggested. A lot of clients are receptive if you suggest something in a respectful way.

View All Jobs the Same

Treat all clients and jobs with the same balance of professionalism and expertise. I know you’ll have times when you’ll give preferential treatment to specific clients. You should refrain from doing this and give all clients the same high quality service they deserve.

Deliver the same level of performance for small clients as you would give to larger ones. Remember, you want to build up your network of happy clientele. Even the small ones can lead to larger opportunities if you position yourself well.

Be Reasonable when Developing Contracts

money from online clientsKeep in mind everyone is looking for the best deal possible. You want to make money, but the client wants to save on quality content. It’s OK to be flexible when determining your worth, especially if it can lead to better possibilities in the future.

Don’t sell yourself short, but don’t try to gouge the client, either. You need to understand the value of the situation when handling clients and contracts. Sometimes it’s better to sacrifice a bit for a more steady stream of work. However, you don’t want to ruin your market value by agreeing to a contract less than your worth.

This is where superior customer experience and professionalism come into play. Many clients will gladly pay more for someone who is easy to work with, is knowledgeable and provides high quality performance. Just don’t be prideful when it comes down to how much per word you’ll make. It’s easy to scare away a client by being overpriced for what you offer.

It doesn’t hurt to offer diversity when negotiating a contract, either.

Excel at Handling Clients

You don’t have to walk on egg shells when it comes to clients. However, approaching each one gingerly for the first time gives you a chance to take in the situation. Understand who it is you’ll work for and get a feel for what he or she expects. The more attentive you are, the more likely you’ll score future work and possibly a semi-permanent retainer.

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