The Importance of Proper Grammar

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When developing a website, spelling is important.  However, grammar is equally as important.  Proper grammar and spelling together can signify expertise, knowledge of subject matter, and not to mention easier to read for your target audience.  People want to feel informed when the leave your website, not confused about the content they just read.

The whole purpose behind any website is to provide knowledge about any given subject.  Even if you have that knowledge, it could be lost to your reader if they don’t understand what you’re trying to convey.  If a reader has to spend too much time deciphering what your sentence means, they will simply move on.

Competition on the Internet regarding any subject matter is fierce.  Without proper grammar to solidify your content, the chances of your visitors returning are slim to none.  Take boating, for example.  In a Google search for the word “boating” there are 95,600,000 pages indexed in the search engine giant.  If your content was related to boating, it is going to be buried within those millions of pages.

Search engines don’t really care if you’re illiterate, so grammar doesn’t affect your search engine positioning.  However, Google will track how often your site is frequented by visitors and increase your ranking as a result.  If visitors don’t come back, your results will remain stagnant.

Proofreading your content is an excellent way to help you catch grammatical errors in your sentence structure.  By reading your content out loud as if it were a script for a YouTube video, you can hear how the sentence would or wouldn’t make sense.  It may sound like a silly idea, but pretend you’re creating a YouTube video on the subject you’re writing about.  In your most professional voice, read the content you just wrote out loud.  Does it sound like something that would be viewed by millions of visitors?

Another method of helping your grammar is inspecting each paragraph one sentence at a time.  It’s easy to get on a writing streak and produce a thousand words, but it could be wasted time if nobody can understand what you’re trying to convey.  After each paragraph, stop writing and take a closer look at your sentences.  Each sentence needs to be a clear and concise point to the subject you’re writing about.  It may take more time to produce the article or blog post, but it will be far worth it if the visitor can understand what you’re page is about.

Capital letters throughout an entire word or sentence should never be used.  There are better ways to emphasize the subject matter.  Using capital letters to signify importance is an unprofessional method and should be avoided at all costs.  People react more to bold, underlined, or italicized words and sentences as they don’t appear to be yelling at them.  This is a very important aspect of grammar…no capital words to signify importance.  If you are writing for or, your article will rank poorly with the editors.

One of the best ways to increase your grammar is by taking a writing course from a local college.  Knowledge of the subject, regardless of what it is, will always be the deciding factor.  Even if you don’t have time for extra-curricular activities, studying the sentence structure and development of other websites can be a boon.  You always want to be developing as a writer and those who assume they know it all are usually wrong.

Grammar is a very important aspect of turning visitors into returning visitors with friends.  Word of mouth can be quite effective on the Internet and you need your visitors to be able to understand your content.  If you make mistakes, don’t fret about it.  Everyone makes mistakes and all you can really do about it is learn from the experience to produce better content the next time.

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