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Review ProWritingAid: Can it Help You Write Better Content?

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Anything to streamline your writing, whether you’re blogging or working for clients, is greatly beneficial. Certain apps can help secure customers while making your online portfolio look amazing. Is ProWritingAid such an app?

It has a lot of promise for those who want a career in writing of some sort. This includes bloggers and those trying to make money with content mills.

Today, I’ll show you my breakdown of the platform and if it’s worthwhile to invest your time and money.

What is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is a system that analyzes your text for a variety of grammatical errors, suggestions, and spelling mistakes. It helps you create content that is more legible and engaging while offering a professional appearance.

The app comes in several forms from downloadable software to something you can add to Google Chrome. So, it can help you write everything from a long eBook to a short blog post.

And if you’re new to the world of freelance writing, a tool such as this is a boon.

Why Would You Want to Use the App?

Success as a writer depends on how you connect with an audience. So, it all starts with delivering high-quality content.

A writing aid can affect things like:

  • Whether a client decides to keep sending you work.
  • How an audience interacts with your website.
  • Being able to string a comprehensible sentence together that keeps people reading.

And no matter how good you think you are, there’s always room for improvement. Even seasoned professionals such as myself can make simple mistakes.

When looking at ProWritingAid, there are quite a few things you should consider. Keep in mind, most of these are from my perspective.

What I find valuable, you might not.

Limited Free Version Available in the Web App

ProWritingAid only analyzes your first 500 words for free. After that, you need to upgrade. Now, this isn’t bad should you write shorter pieces or break up the article and analyze segments at a time.

But for a realistic use of the system, you may want to consider paying for the software in whole.

However, the Google Chrome extension I am using while writing this post is scanning the entire 1500+ words. So, you can at least look forward to that from the viewpoint of being free.

Clean Editing Layout

Editing Screen

One thing that stands out most for me is the editor screen. It has a nice feel when using the system, and all of your tools are available along the top menu bar.

I know this is a simple thing, but you’d be amazed by how many platforms just don’t have a well-designed layout.

At any moment, I can click a report to see what needs changing in the article. This includes overused and repeated words; two things I wish my team of writers would pay more attention to when writing.

It’s Educational

When using ProWritingAid, it’s more than a mere grammar and spell checker. The system will help you learn by giving you a breakdown of why the improvements are necessary.

And if there’s one thing I can get behind, it’s learning how to write better.

Thesaurus Available!

Need some latent semantic indexing to appease the search engine gods? By clicking the “Thesaurus” button, the app will show you all kinds of terms you can replace in the piece.

I wish I could convey just how excited I am about this feature alone. Especially with repeating the same phrase or word throughout an article.

Doesn’t Work in WordPress Text Editor

Unfortunately, ProWritingAid doesn’t work within the WordPress Text editor. And this is kind of a drawback for me, since I mostly write in this view.

However, switching back to the Visual Editor in WordPress, the app works exceptionally well.

Several Integrations Available

Something else that catches my eye is the number of integrations possible with ProWritingAid. You can combine it with things like OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, Google Docs and more.

Unfortunately, most of the better integrations are only available in the premium version of the app.

Works Well with WordPress

ProWritingAid and WordPress

Although the app doesn’t work in the Text editor of WordPress, it scanned this entire article in the Visual editor without difficulty. To put it into perspective, this post is beyond the 500-word cap.

Since I spend so much time in WordPress, I love it when external tools work with the editors. Just install the Chrome extension, and it analyzes as you type.

Lifetime, One-Time Payment Option

Unlike many other grammar apps on the Internet, ProWritingAid has the option to buy into the service for a one-time fee. This means you won’t have to worry about monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Though, you would have to keep using the system for close to four years before the cost is worth the investment.

Still, I like the idea of buying software outright. I have enough monthly fees to worry about without adding yet another that I’ll wind up forgetting to use.

Delivering Higher Quality of Work

Perhaps the most obvious reason to use ProWritingAid is to help you deliver high-quality material. This could mean the difference between a client sending you more work or finding a new writer.

And the more you learn from the system, the tighter your content writing becomes. The end result is being able to produce work quicker while streamlining the editing process.

In other words, you’ll make more money in the long-run.

From the perspective of a manager, I would rather keep writers who are better at their jobs than spend time editing what they turn in. When it comes time to drop the ax, I already know who I’m letting go.

Something like this app can give you a greater chance of making sure your own clients keep you around.

How Do You Use the Platform?

There are several ways you can use ProWritingAid. The best one for you depends on what you’re working on at the time.

And with the options available, I’m sure you can pick the most logical method.

Windows or Mac Computers

ProWritingAid Software

If you’re a premium user, you can download the software for Windows or Mac computer systems. This way, you can work directly from your computer on various projects.

You can get the 14-day free trial to test the system out before putting forth the money. Personally, I suggest checking out the browser version first since it’s free to use.

Using a Browser Window

The browser app is free to use for up to 500 words, which is about the size of a short article. If you use content mills like Textbroker, some jobs might fit into this small window.

However, this gives you a significant opportunity to check out what the app can do for you as a writer.

Adding a Browser Extension

And lastly, you can always install an extension for Google Chrome and/or Firefox. For me, this is how I often prefer to use grammar tools. I spend a lot of time writing and editing online in various platforms like WordPress.

While it doesn’t seem to work with all online editing systems, it works very well with the ones I use often.

Would I Recommend ProWritingAid to Others?


So, the system has a few quirks. Some suggestions the software gave me were clearly incorrect, given the context of wording. However, no grammar checker is 100% accurate.

In reality, I’d say ProWritingAid is about par in comparison to other editors.

You still must analyze the content yourself to make sure the adjustments make sense. But that’s the case when using any automatic checking system.

Overall, though, I recommend checking out the app. It has a lot of features and functionality you might find interesting. And you won’t lose anything by exploring the free version.

And yes, that’s an affiliate banner above. I earn a commission should you use the system yourself.


Like I said before, I love being able to buy the software. While it may have a bit of a hefty price tag as its one-time-fee, it’s something I won’t have to remember to pay each month.

If you don’t want to fork over $300, ProWritingAid is more affordable than several alternatives. Monthly plans are nearly $10 less, and annual plans can save around $60!

Considering what you get when compared to alternatives, this is actually an incredible value.

Getting More Out of Freelance Writing

I’ve come across a lot of new freelance writers who can benefit from something like ProWritingAid. Not only will it help you clean up the article, but the app will also tell you why it’s important.

And learning more about creating content only works to boost your success as a freelance writer.

Now, I can’t guarantee you’ll have riches beyond your wildest dreams by using the app. After all, you still need to write the content. However, the app can vastly improve how clients look at your work.

Clean Up Your Content with ProWritingAid

I’m a fan of any app that helps you develop as a writer. And I’m not just talking about tools that automatically fix errors for you. A system that helps you learn is one that is helping you secure a future in writing.

That’s probably one of the most important aspects of ProWritingAid. At least it is for me. Still, you may want to consider checking out the app for yourself. Since it’s free to start, you really lose nothing but a few moments of your time.

And Yes, I used ProWritingAid to write this entire post.

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