How Working From Home Changes Your Life

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Working from home can be one of the most liberating experiences. However, it doesn’t come without its own set of adjustments. There are many things that will change in comparison to a regular full-time job. In some cases, I feel that it would be worth it to find a traditional job rather than continue ghostwriting. It takes a certain kind of person to truly excel at working form home. The changes you’ll experience can often be frustrating.[adrotate banner=”8″]

Major Changes Caused By Working From Home

A lot of people relish in the idea of working from home. Depending on the circumstance, it may be one of the more ideal paths to take. This is especially true if you life in a rural area like I do. The available jobs in the area are quite slim for my talents. In fact, I was literally told by the manager at a fast-food joint called, “Good Times” that I was over-qualified to flip burgers.

When I first started writing back in 2012, I didn’t take into consideration the many changes I would have to make in order to remain successful. I’m not merely talking about learning grammar, improving spelling or increasing typing skills. There is more that will alter your life which may or may not be beneficial for you.

Motivational Issues

At a regular job, you have the mindset that you need to be at work between certain times of the day. While working from home, you can set your own hours. However, a lot of people lack the motivation to maintain a set schedule that suits them. It can also be difficult to force yourself to work on days when you don’t want to. It takes a greater degree of motivation and determination for a home freelancer to remain successful.

Higher Degree of Stress

getting more out of lifeAs a freelancer, your quality of work will determine whether you collect clients or not. As a result, you need to put greater effort into delivering high-quality projects. Otherwise, customers will move on to someone else or you don’t get paid what your time is worth. This can easily create greater amounts of stress in your life, especially if you collect clients who are constantly needing revisions of the project.

Subjected to More Frequent Interruptions

When working from home, people are often more likely to interrupt your flow. For me, it’s my children and the fact that my wife believes I can be an errand-boy because I am home. Unfortunately, these all take away from productivity. A lack of productivity means a lack of income. If you live alone or can schedule time when no one interferes with your work, freelancing can be quite lucrative. The trick is to dedicate time to your freelance career when no one will bother you.

Sick Leave

For the most part, freelancers like myself do not receive sick leave. If we don’t work, we don’t get paid. If I’m lying on the couch suffering from a severe flu, there is no income for that day. As a ghostwriter, I am paid per word that I type.

Vacation Time

Few clients will provide vacation leave. If you want to pack up and head to a fun place for a week, you’re more than likely not getting paid for it. This means you need to plan and budget your money well in advance. You’ll need to make sure you have enough money for your vacation while saving up enough to pay for the time you’re gone.

It’s Not All Negative

Working from Home with ChildrenWorking from home can make some positive changes in your life as well. Although working from home successfully can be more difficult for many, the payoffs may be more than enough to convince you to keep going. The following are reasons why I continue to write.

More Money

The biggest change that working from home has made for me is income. Since I live in a very rural area, the work is just not there to pay me what I need. in reality, I make twice as much as a ghostwriter than I did as a computer technician for the school district. If you get the right opportunities, you can easily surpass your full-time paycheck.

Doing What I Love

Although I complain sometimes about being a ghostwriter and not getting credit for the content I create, I love to write. For many people working from home, it’s the opportunity to do something they love while getting paid that drives them. Studies show people who are happier in their careers are far more successful.

The biggest thing you need to focus on is keeping your thumb on the pulse of trends and technology. Being able to see which way the wind is blowing can be very beneficial in keeping you productive. Understand that working from home is more than just the glamour of being your own boss. It requires a complete overhaul of your life. However, the changes can be worthwhile if you can stay the course.

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