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I stumbled across HireWriters.com as I was looking for affiliates for this website. I decided to give it a go since I’m always looking to expand my reach as a freelance writer. Although it’s not my favorite place to look for work, it may be worth the time exploring its potential. Here are some of the facts that I’ve discovered while working with this brokerage company.[adrotate banner=”8″]

What Is HireWriters.com?

HireWriters is a writing brokerage company that connects you to potential clients. It has an easy-to-use interface allowing freelancers to quickly scan through available content to write. The company pays out every week to your PayPal account, which is perfect for me because I use PayPal for everything.

What Make It So Special?

The visuals of the website give it a nice appearance. However, it takes more than a nice look in order to drive success. It has a nice flow and is very easy to operate, but I do believe the design could have been set up better. For example, looking for work is a bit more convoluted than using other systems especially if you’re looking for a specific industry.

What really sets HireWriters apart from many other platforms is the ease of setting up your account. From an author’s perspective, it didn’t take me long to add all the information I needed to get started. Once I plugged in my work, I took a brief test to verify my abilities. I still started off as a beginner, so I am not 100% sure what the test does for you since I know I scored relatively high.

Key Points

One of the key points I like about HireWriters is the lack of editors to please on the system. Essentially, your level advances based on whether or not clients like your work. For those of us who are constantly under the thumb of editors and what they believe is proper grammar, this could be ideal. As long as the client is happy with your skills, you can advance rather quickly.

Another saving grace for this system is the fact that authors are paid on a weekly basis through PayPal. If you’ve been to Writer Sanctuary before, you know that I am a big fan of the online payment system and use PayPal for just about everything. To be able to accept money every Friday from my work is ideal, especially since I use my PayPal Mastercard daily. Some systems require a minimum of two weeks or even up to a month before they pay out for your articles.

Pros and Cons

It’s difficult to find the perfect system when you want to build onto a career as a freelance writer. Every site will have it’s good and bad points. I do my best to discover these issues. Keep in mind, the pros and cons of HireWriters is based on my personal experience and expertise. These may or may not be points of interest to you as an individual.

HireWriters does have a few good points that made my experience all the better. Because of my experience with sites like this, some of these points stand out more to me than they might to you.

  • Sleek and easy to use editing system
  • Editors don’t determine your ranking, clients do


  • Not a lot of work available throughout the day
  • Searching for specific industries is a bit more clunky than other systems
  • Lower rate of pay per order than other brokerage sites
  • Higher rejection rate by clients than on other systems

Is HireWriters.com Worth the Effort?

One of the biggest things I do not like about the HireWriters system is the extremely low rate of pay when compared to other sites. For instance, I saw someone post an order for a 1000 word article willing to pay a level 3 writer $7.50. This is very poor when you take into consideration that I make nearly twice that amount on Textbroker as a level 4 author. Even the level 3s at least make a base rate of a penny per word.

The lack of monetary structure puts a bit more strain on the industry. Eventually, people will pick up the work because they absolutely need the cash. However, if you make less than minimum wage as a ghostwriter when all is said and done, it may not be the best method of working from home. A skilled and professional freelancer shouldn’t make less than someone flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

I haven’t added this to my “Paying Websites” page yet. I’ve only made $1.27 and the base payout cap is $10. I’ll work on at least hitting that ten-dollar mark so I can verify that you do get paid from Hirewriters. However, the system does seem legitimate and has built a bit of a reputation online.

If you can access the system when the workflow is high, you might be able to grab a few of the better orders before another author. Perhaps the site’s biggest failing for authors is the extremely low income rate for levels. If you’re a slow typist or need extra time to research the piece, it may not be worth the time to complete an order. Then again, you might need a few extra dollars throughout the week to pad your income.

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