How Much is Each Blog Post Worth?

Last Updated on May 3, 2020 by Michael Brockbank

How much money can you make with a single blog post? That really depends on a variety of factors. No one can guarantee that’ll you’ll make a specific amount of money on your website. However, there is some form of value behind your content. So, what is a blog post worth?

It depends on what you view as value. Not everyone measures success by how much money something brings in.

Measures of a Blog Post Worth

I’ve been asked why I continue to produce blog content for myself when I could write for various content mills and brokerage sites. At least that way I would get paid a few bucks.

Personally, I view success a bit differently than some of those around me. The time I spend working on my blogs as opposed to clients has different levels of value depending on the drive.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways I view blog post worth.

Money from AdSense

AdSense is one of the more common methods to generate revenue from a blog. By having a good strategy for both content and ad placement, you could really bring in a decent amount of money.

OK, so let’s compare a Level 4 article in Textbroker at 1000 words with one of the more popular articles on my small blog. At Textbroker, that one article would have netted around $14. But I have a 1000 word article on my site that has brought in $32.26 by itself…so far.

I’m not saying that using Textbroker and other sites is worthless. In fact, I still write for these companies. Sometimes it’s better to get paid today than to wait for revenue to generate from a blog post.

But spending time to write an article once per day is worth the effort as many of the posts generate more than I would have made on a brokerage site.

And the evergreen articles I write will continue to generate revenue for years to come.

Of course you need to make sure you’re creating content people want to read. Yes, I have a few well-performing posts…but I also have many that don’t do nearly as well.

My point is sometimes cracking out your own content is more ideal. Your target audience will then influence blog post worth, as long as you have engaging content.

Money from Affiliates

AdSense isn’t the only way to drive income from advertising. A lot of people will invest their time to promote affiliate banners and links. This is when you make money when you help another company make a sale from someone who comes from your website.

Generating income from affiliates is a bit more difficult than it is with something like AdSense. It depends purely on whether your visitors will click a link or banner to buy a product from someone else.

Luckily, some affiliates will offer a bit of money for simply showing a banner. And if you operate your own blog and have a massive amount of traffic, you can easily attract companies and directly sell ad space on your site.

It’s kind of like how billboards work in the real world. An ideal spot is extremely valuable to marketers.

But no matter how you slice it, it’s the content you create that will drive the blog post worth for affiliates.[template id=”2087″]

Generating a Target Audience

OK, let’s step aside from the direct cash-generating aspects of blogging for a moment. Some value a blog post worth in terms of engaging a target audience.

Think of the last time you saw a commercial for a brand of soda, shoes or even kitchen cleaning supplies. These elements don’t generate instant income from showing a commercial. However, they do impact the shopping habits of target consumers.

Blogging has kind of the same aspect. While I don’t make a lot of money on my websites, I value them as a form of increasing awareness of my brands.

How many of you knew of before reading this article? While I do have a few fans, the majority of visitors have never been to the site before.

And that’s just as valuable to me as generating $30 from AdSense.

Boosting a Brand’s Reputation

Awareness of a brand isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. Building its reputation is equally important, especially in a world where “fake news” runs rampant.

For many, a blog post worth is measured by how it impacts the average visitor and whether or not he or she views the brand as reputable.

Which is why I try to include proven statistical information where possible. I also rely heavily on personal experience as I want to teach others what I’ve learned.

The point of this is that an online reputation can easily make or break a brand, which is often a more realistic impact of blog post worth.

Conversions for eCommerce

Now, back to generating income from the website.

A lot of companies online commit to a content marketing strategy in the form of regular blogging. This is to improve engagement with customers and to drive traffic for sales.

In fact, my retaining client doesn’t use AdSense, affiliates or direct sales links in their blog content in most cases. This is because they want the experience to feel more natural and less like an infomercial.

As a result, the blog helps generate revenue through online sales.

That, and how our articles often surpass the competition in number of shares on social media.

Gimme a moment to pat myself on the back…

The point is my client is gauging the blog post worth in terms of engaging readers to drive possible sales and boost brand awareness.

What Makes Valuable Content?

Unfortunately, no one can tell you what the perfect content to improve blog post worth will be. Each site is different, and everyone has a unique target audience.

However, I can give you a few ideas regarding how my sites have what readers determine to be valuable:

  • Answer a common question. My most valuable posts are those which directly answer a question people ask in search engines. This is true regardless of the site’s niche.
  • Offer detailed information. You want visitors to feel as though they learned something from your content. Don’t leave behind more questions than answers.
  • Deliver an honest review. As many as 84% of people trust online reviews as they do advice from friends. Just make sure you write it from your perspective.
  • Know your target audience. Let those who frequent your website help drive the content you create. Give them something they want to read and are willing to come back for.

I know, it’s a bit basic. But these are essentially the building blocks to improving blog post worth. If visitors find value in the content, it will show in a variety of ways.

How Much is a Blog Post Worth?

In a nutshell, the blog post worth is determined by what you’re trying to accomplish. It all boils down to what you’re trying to convey and your content strategy. Remember, not all value is measured in dollars.

Sometimes an unmonetized article can be worth more as a way to inspire and interact with your target audience.[template id=”2089″]

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