What Linkbait Title Generator Can Do for Your Blogging

What Linkbait Title Generator Can Do for Your Blogging

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How often do you stare at a blank screen while waiting for inspiration to strike when you blog? Over the past five years, it has happened to me quite often. Usually it’s worse when I haven’t had enough sleep the night before. At any rate, tools like Linkbait Title Generator may be the answer to your writer’s block.

What is Linkbait, and Why You Need It?

UPDATE 12/10/2019: Currently, Content Row seems to be a defunct website. If it comes back, I will surely add the links. But for now, I am removing them. If you have any suggestions for replacing Content Row, feel free to send me a message through Twitter.

It can be difficult to remain positive when you start writing. In the beginning, the last thing you want to experience is getting stuck on an idea for a client. At this point, you want to start looking for inspiration.

Linkbait Title Generator is a basic system that takes any topic and creates possible ideas for a blog post. You simply input the subject, click the button and receive 25 titles. It’s a quick and easy way to get optimal ideas relatively quick.

The app is a product of Content Row, an uber simple website that has tools available for content marketing. Because there is a lack of proper site development and engagement, I am wondering if this is going to be a temporary thing.

It’s a good thing I have a broken link checker installed on my website.

You don’t have to use the suggestions the system gives you, either. Sometimes just looking at the titles themselves may be enough to get your creative juices flowing.
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Quality Traits of Linkbait

As this is a very simple and basic tool, it only has one real quality trait: grammatically correct title ideas. A lot of the other title generators I’ve used in the past often had problems putting together a logical sentence structure.

While no system is absolutely perfect, Linkbait seems to have one of the better algorithms for creating titles that make sense.

I really wish there was more to this system then that, but this is really all it has. It’s a simple title generator that includes more process into a grammatic structure than many other systems. Plain and simple.

Perhaps a quality feature of this tool is the reality that you don’t need to sign into an account or register with the site to use it. You can start today just by visiting the site and putting in your topic. What you see in the featured image of this article is pretty much what you’ll see on the site.

Is Linkbait Title Generator Easy to Use?

Absolutely. It’s a simple two-step process of putting in a term and clicking the button. If you’re not satisfied with the results, click the “Get Linkbait” button again to receive another list of titles.
Linkbait Button

Where Can You Get This Tool?

Linkbait is available on it’s own webpage and can be accessed through ContentRow.com. Because it’s a web-based app, it should work for just about everyone who uses the Internet.

Although the site lacks a bit of pizzazz, it does work beautifully on mobile devices with a responsive design.

What are the Pros and Cons of This Tool?


  • Is completely free to use.
  • Hands out titles relatively fast when compared to similar platforms.
  • Works very well on smartphones.


  • Doesn’t have any features for customization.
  • Seems to reuse a lot of the same title structures regardless of your terminology.

Is Linkbait Right for Me?

In reality, there are a lot of content idea generators out there on the Internet. Many of them are rich with features and capabilities. However, Linkbait isn’t without its charm. If you’re running into a lack of ideas for your blog, it may be a good alternative to sitting at your desk staring at a blank screen.

It can give you one hell of a headache.

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