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Review: Is Masterpiece Generator a Good Source for Story Ideas?

When you get stuck writing your manuscript or when you need an idea for a story, plot generators can help. And some can be worth the time to explore. But is the Masterpiece Generator a good tool to use for writing?

Although it has a lot of different types of generators, I’m not convinced it’s something you’d want to use for serious storytelling. It may be great for children or to have a bit of fun creating something wacky. But I wouldn’t publish it on Amazon.

Then again, I’ve seen people publish some questionable books. So, what do I know? Wacky weirdness might be right up your alley.

What is Masterpiece Generator?

Masterpiece Generator is a series of various generators that cover a wide selection of methods for writing. From short story ideas to creating a picture book, the platform has a range of options available.

As of this post, you have access to 11 different generators for different purposes including short stories, movie scripts, twists, and even memes. Just click on a generator and get to work.

You can also create genre-based blurbs or use any of the other generators they have available on the site.

What sets Masterpiece Generator apart from many others is that you can fill in a lot of the blanks yourself.

Plot Details

Simply enter the details of a segment or choose to let the system “Suggest” something for you. And some of the generators will create up to 50 different prompts if you need a list of ideas.

What Can You Expect from Masterpiece Generator?

I’m not entirely convinced that Masterpiece Generator is a serious plot generator. A vast portion of the ideas and such provided seems more like something you’d see out of Mad Magazine in the 90s.

However, there are probably people out there who like that sort of thing. If you’re one of them, then this website is probably a good fit.

Lots of Different Generators

Masterpiece Generator is actually a series of free plot, name, twist, poem, character, and dating profile generators. Using a random set of variables as well as any you put in manually, you’re provided with a list of ideas.

This type of layout makes the platform quite a bit unique compared to other plot generators on the Internet.

From character backstories and bios to names and twists, you can generate quite a list of elements to make for some extremely odd story ideas.

Able to Input Your Own Data

Perhaps one of the more unique features of Masterpiece Generator is the fact that you can add your own data before the generation.

For instance, names, relationships between characters, featured places, adjectives to describe locations, and more can be added depending on the generator you’re using.

Then, you can have the system “Suggest” points to fill in the blanks before the generator provides the details.

The more information you provide the generator, the more closely the idea will be to what you have in mind. Otherwise, it becomes an incredible randomized mess of words.

Not the Best When Combining Certain Terms

Something I’d like to point out is how the generators don’t seem to combine certain elements in a realistic way. Meaning you get a weird collection of jumbled words a lot of the time.

I mean, can you envision a cavern as “buttery?” The writer in me can make something work with that, but it probably wouldn’t be the best story I’ve ever written.

My point is that Masterpiece Generator just doesn’t seem to have the best flow from its word choices.

I can’t count the number of times I essentially rolled a child under the age of 10 who is going to college and lives alone. How often does that really happen?

Most of the Ideas Are North of Questionable

Perhaps one of the biggest issues with Masterpiece Generator is that the suggestions are not exactly “masterpiece” material. Some of the ideas are just plain goofy.

For example, one idea was to write about zombies that are miraculously transformed into goats. While that would make for a unique tale, it’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

Strange Ideas

It almost seems like the person inputting data for specifics wasn’t sure what they were doing overall. In fact, a lot of the generated ideas are exceptionally close to absurd.

It may be fine for children to practice, or even yourself if you don’t mind creating something a bit odd. And not all of the ideas are terrible.

I guess it just comes down to your style of writing and what you want to create.

Not Enough Randomized Entries

If you’re not inputting your own data, Masterpiece Generator has to pull from its own database. And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it’s all that extensive.

For instance, you will see the same words used A LOT when trying to get ideas for something like a plot twist or news headline.

This means it’s quite lacking when compared to others. So, don’t expect a lot of randomized and unique word choices.

OK…It’s a Mad Lib!

Part of me wants to believe that Masterpiece Generator is a serious plot generator for real stories and books. But the way the platform behaves, it is more reminiscent of the Mad Libs we grew up with in the 1980s and 90s.

Sure, they’re fun to play with and you can come up with some funny stories. But in the end, you wouldn’t really see any of them on the New York Times Best Seller list.

As I said earlier, though, not all of the ideas this system spat out were oddities. Just the vast majority of them.

Would I Continue to Use Masterpiece Generator for Ideas?

After using some amazing plot generators on other sites, it’s really difficult to take Masterpiece Generator seriously. Although the site doesn’t make it clear if it’s for personal entertainment, the results aren’t something I’d use as the basis of a story.

Then again, I guess that depends on the quality of the author. Perhaps I’ll use Masterpiece Generator to challenge myself to turn a turd into a work of art.

That would really show the amount of talent of an author.

In any case, I highly doubt that I would ever use the plot generator for anything more than a laugh. Especially since there are so many better alternatives I could use.

Of course, this is just my opinion. You may see it as something else that can help you get creative or combat writer’s block.

Since it’s completely free to use, you can always try it for yourself without risk. Just don’t expect too much out of the platform.

If you do create something with Masterpiece Generator, please, let me know. I’d love to read it.

What Is Your Favorite Plot Generator?

While this one was good for a laugh or two, there are plenty of plot generators out there that deliver strong ideas. But in the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

Who knows? You might actually enjoy using Masterpiece Generator. And that’s OK. As long as you’re getting what you need out of the tool, who’s to say you’re doing it wrong?

What kind of plot generators have you tried? What are your thoughts about using Masterpiece Generator?

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